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Books, Articles, and Notes that will illuminate
South Carolina in the War Between the States
Legions and Artillery Units
Page Three

Page One: Bibliography; Infantry Units

Page Two:
Bibliography; Brigades, Cavalry and other Infantry Units; General works on S.C. and the War Between the States.

Citadel Flag by Marilyn

Works on South Carolina Legions and Artillery Units

South Carolina Legions

Hampton Legion

Holcombe Legion

South Carolina Artillery Regiments

First S.C. Artillery Regiment(Heavy)

Second S.C. Artillery Regiment(Heavy)

Third S.C. Artillery Regiment(Heavy)
First South Carolina Regulars

First Regiment Mil. Arty.
Late War

South Carolina Artillery Battalions

First S.C. Artillery Battalion

Second S.C. Artillery Battalion

Third S.C. Artillery Battalion
Palmetto Artillery

Sixth Artillery Battalion
Manigault's Battalion

Fifteenth S.C. Artillery Battalion
Lucas's Battalion
S.C. Heavy Artillery

Eighteenth S.C. Artillery Battalion (Heavy)
Manigault's Battalion

South Carolina Artillery by Battery

Bachman's Artillery, Charleston German Artillery Battery

Beaufort Light Artillery, Elliott's Artillery, Stuart's Artillery

Bowden's Company, Company I
Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery Battalion

Brooks Battery, Brooks Light Artillery, Fickling's Artillery Battery, Rhett's Artillery Battery

Calhoun's Artillery Battery
See First Artillery Battalion, Battery A

Chesterfield Battery, Chesterfield Light Artillery, Coit's Battery

Chesnut Light Artillery
See Company F, Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery

Columbia Flying Artillery
See also Company B, Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery (Columbia Flying Artillery)

Culpepper's Light Artillery
See Company C, Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery

In Memory of Lt. Joshua Lazarus Moses
Camille Corte and Norman Nicolson have brought him back to view,
if not like his namesake, to life!
The Story of Lt. Moses can also be found in Rosen's new book, The Confederate Jews.

Ferguson Battery

Furman Artillery, Earle's Artillery
See Palmetto or Third Light Artillery Battalion, Company A

German Artillery Battalion, Charleston German Artillery Battalion
Company A and Company B

Gist Guard Artillery, Chichester's Artillery

Holtzclaw's Company, Company H
Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery

Inglis Artillery Battery
See Second S.C. Artillery Regiment, Company B

Johnson's Horse Artillery,Colcock's Horse Artillery

Lafayette Battery

Macbeth Artillery

McQueen Light Artillery
See Eighteenth Heavy Artillery, Company C
Gregg's Company

Marion Light Artillery

Mathewes' Light Artillery

Palmetto Light Artillery Battery, Garden's Light Artillery

Pee Dee Light Artillery, Brunson Battery, Mcintosh Battery, Zimmerman's Battery

Preston's Artillery Battery
See First Artillery Regiment, Battery A

Richardson's Company, Company K
Palmetto Battalion Light Artillery

Santee Battery

Sumter Artillery Battery
See First Artillery Regiment, Battery A

Vigilant Rigles Artillery Battery, Tupper's Artillery Battery
First Regiment, Mil. Art.

Waccamaw Light Artillery, Ward's Artillery Battery

Washington Light Artillery; Company B, Artillery Hampton Legion
Hart's Battery; Halsey's Battery

Winder's Artillery Battery
Child's Artillery

First Regiment Mil. Arty.
Late War

Page One
Gist Brigade, Infantry Regiments

Page Two
Brigades, Cavalry and other Infantry units.
Also General works on S.C. and the War Between the States.

Page Three
Artillery and Legions

Where do I find these books and reprints of these books?


Broadfoot Publishing

First Corps Books in Columbia

Morningside Press

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