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South Carolina Artillery
Artillery Batteries

Waccamaw Light Artillery
Washington Light Artillery
Winder's Light Artillery

Citadel Flag by Marilyn

Waccamaw Artillery Battery
Ward’s Artillery

Battles and Stations of Waccamaw or Ward's Artillery
DateBattle or CityLocationCommanding OfficerBrigadeDivisionCorps
Early, 1862Unit Organized.Captain J.M. Ward...
08/13/62Black River.Captain J.M. Ward..Dept. of S.C., Ga., and Fla.
2/65-4/65Carolina’s Campaign.Captain J.M. WardTrapier’s Brigade.Dept. of S.C., Ga., and Fla.

Ward's Battery Officers
.Joshua Ward (Capt.)..
.Mayhew Ward (Capt.)..
.P.R. Lachicotte (1Lt.)..
.Wm. J. Gore (2Lt.)..
.B.H. Ward (2Lt.)..
.James J. Wortham (2Lt.)..
.D.A. Sperry (Guidon)..

For Additional Reading:
U.D.C., Charleston, For Love of a Rebel, The Georgetown Units.

Washington Artillery Battery
Hart’s Horse Artillery
Hart’s Battery
Halsey's Horse Artillery
J.F. Hart
E.L. Halsey
Army of North Virginia

Walter's Battery
G.H Walter
Defense of South Carolina.

The guidon of Hart's Battery is located in the Confederate Relic Room in Columbia, S.C.
Dedmondt, Glenn, The Flags of Civil War South Carolina, ISBN NUMBER 1-56554-696-2

Hart's Battery or Halsey's Company and Walter's Battery are two different elements of the Washington Artillery. If you have more information, I would appreicate it. Hart's Battery served with Stuart in the Army of Northern Virginia. and Walter's in the Defense of South Carolina. Hart's Battery also served as Company A of the Hampton Legion Artillery under Stephen D. Lee, who was Captain of the unit. It is also called Lee's Company on occasion in its very early history during the war.

For Additional Reading:
Brooks, U.R.: Stories of the Confederacy

U.D.C.:Recollections and Reminiscences 1861-65:
Brabham, Sergeant H.J. Brabham, Hart’s Battery, Vol. 11, Page 347, U.D.C.
Hart, James, F. Washington Artillery, Hart’s Battery, Vol. 5, page 192
Phillips, John Franklin Phillips, Hart’s Battery, Vol. 9, page 596, U.D.C.
Washington, Dan, Hampton Legion Artillery, Washington Light Artillery, Hart’s Battery, Slave Account, Washington was wounded. Vol. 4, page 592
Rosters and Other:

Walter's Battery

Stations and Battles of Hart's Light Artillery
DateBattle or CityLocationCommanding OfficerBrigadeDivisionCorps
6/61Unit Organized.Captain Stephen D. Lee...
3/29/62Edisto IslandOne Section....
6/28-7/1-62Seven Days.Captain J.F. HartGarnett’s BattalionD.R. Jones DivsionMagruder’s Corps
8/28-8/30-62Second Manassas.Captain J.F. HartChew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
9/17/62Sharpsburg.Captain J.F. HartChew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
10/9-10/12-62Stuart’s Expedition in Maryland and Pa.One SectionCaptain J.F. HartChew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
12/13/62Fredricksburg.Captain J.F. HartChew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
5/1-5/4-63Chancellorsville.Captain J.F. HartChew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
6/9/63Brandy Station.Captain J.F. HartChew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
6/14-6/15-63Second Winchester..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
6/19/63Middleburg..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
6/21/63Upperville..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
6/30/63Hanover..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
7/1-7/3-63Gettysburg..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
7/5/63Williamsport..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
10/9-10/22-63Bristoe Campaign..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
11/12-63Mine Run Campaign..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
5/5-5/6-64The Wilderness..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
5/8-5/21-64Spotslyvania Court House..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
5/23-5/26-64North Anna..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
6/1-6/3-64Cold Harbor..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
10/01/64Vaughn Road..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
6/64-4/65Petersburg..Chew’s BattalionHorse ArtilleryCavalry Corps
2/65-4/65Carolina’s Campaign..Butler’s DivisionHampton’s Cavalry.

Hart's Battery Officers
.E.L. Halsey (Capt.)..
.J.F. Hart (Capt.)..
.F.M. Bamburg (1Lt.)..
.Wm. T. Adams (2Lt.)..

Lee's Battery Officers
.Stephen D. Lee (Capt.)..
.W.F. Barnwell (1Lt.)..
.Benjamin Sloan (1Lt.)..
.J.G. Blount (1Lt.)..
.T.B. Hayne (2Lt.)..
.J.A Keith (1Lt.)..

Walter's Battery Officers
. J.H. Walter(Capt.)..
.James Salvo (1Lt.)..
.S.G. Horsey (2Lt.)..
.T.D. Eason (2Lt.)..
. F. Von Santen(2Lt.)..
.W.S. Cannon (Asst. Surg.)..

Winder’s Artillery Battery* Child's Artillery Battery

Battles and Stations of Winder's Artillery
DateBattle or CityLocationCommanding OfficerBrigadeDivisionCorps
Early, 1861Charleston Harbor.....

* Unit was mustered out in the summer of 1861.

Child's Artillery Company
.Fredrick L. Childs (Capt.)..
.C.S. Winder (Capt.)..
.S. C. Williams (1Lt.)..
.T.B. Hayne (2Lt.)..
.John O'Brien (2Lt.)..
. W.E. Gibson (Cadet)..

For Additional Reading:
DANIEL, LARRY J.:Cannoneers in Gray, The Field Artillery of the Army of Tennessee.

RIPLEY, WARREN: Siege Train, The Journal of a Confederate Artillery Man in the Defense of Charleston.

JOHNSON, JOHN: The Defense of Charleston Harbor.

WISE, JENNINGS: The Long Arm of Lee.

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