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Books that will illuminate
South Carolina in the War Between the States:
Brigades, Cavalry, and other Infantry units.
Also General works on S.C. and the War Between the States.

Page Two

Page One: Bibliography; Infantry Units

Page Three: Bibliography; Artillery and Legions

Citadel Flag by Marilyn

Works on South Carolina Units
Follow links for additional reading and information.


Infantry and Cavalry Brigades


First South Carolina Cavalry

Second South Carolina Cavalry

Third South Carolina Cavalry

Fourth South Carolina Cavalry

Fifth South Carolina Cavalry

Sixth South Carolina Cavalry

Seventh South Carolina Cavalry

Cavalry Battalions

A.C. Earle's Company

First SC Cavalry Battalion – Black’s
Fist SC Cavalry Battalion – Morgans’
Second SC Cavalry Battalion
Third SC Cavalry Battalion
Fourth SC Cavalry Battalion
Sixth SC Cavalry Battalion
Eighth SC Cavalry Battalion
Tenth SC Cavalry Battalion
Twelfth SC Cavalry Battalion
Fourteenth SC Cavalry Battalion
Fifteenth SC Cavalry Battalion
Sixteenth SC Cavalry Battalion
Seventeenth SC Cavalry Battalion
Nineteenth SC Cavalry Battalion
Dismounted Battalion, Butler’s Cavalry Brigade
Hampton Legion Cavalry
Holcombe Legion Cavalry
A.W. Cordes' Company
Theodore Cordes' Company
Kirk's Partisan Ranger Company
State Troops – Rodger’s Company
Rutledge's Company
Simon's Company
Rutledge Mounted Riflemen and Horse Artillery
Tucker's Company

South Carolina Infantry Battalions

Charleston Battalion
First South Carolina Sharpshooters
Third or James Battalion (Kershaw's Brigade)
Fourth or Mattison's Battalion (Jenkins Brigade)
Sixth Battalion
Seventh or Nelson's/Rion's Battalion (Hagood's Brigade)
Eleventh or Eutaw Battalion
Thirteenth Battalion (See Fourth Battalion)
Battalion of State Cadets
Charleston Arsenal Battalion
Mcgowan's Sharpshooters (Mcgowan's Brigade)
Brook's Battalion of Galvanized Southerns (Hagood's Brigade)

Other Infantry Units

South Carolina Reserve Battalions

South Carolina Consolidated Units

South Carolina Reserve Regiments

South Carolina State Troops

From the State Archives:

Patrick McCawley's work is the best modern reading guide available on the war in South Carolina, and Patrick is one of the great living treasures on this subject.

Patrick J. McCawley: Selected Civil War Bibliography, 44 pages

Patrick J. McCawley: Guide to Civil War records: A guide to the records in the South Carolina Department of Archives & History, 81 pages, Index, Illustrations/Photos.

General Works on South Carolina

AUTHOR UNKNOWN: Soldiers and Sailors who died in Federal Prisons and Military Hospitals in the North, ISBN#911317-34-1

BAKER, GARY, R: Cadets in Gray

BARROW, C.K.: Forgotten Confederates

BOND, O.J.: The Story of The Citadel

BRADSHAW, TIMOTHY: Battery Wagner, The Siege, The Men who Fought and the Casualties.

DEFOREST, J.W.: A Union Officer in Reconstruction

DRAGO, EDMUND: Hurrah for Hampton, The Black Redshirts

ELLIOTT, JOSEPH: Lee's Noble Soldier

FLYNN JEAN: The Militia in Antebellum South Carolina

HELSLEY, ALEXIA J: South Carolina's African American Confederate Pensioners, 1923-1925

JOHNSON, JOHN: The Defense of Charleston Harbor

JOHNSON, MICHAEL; ROARK, JAMES: No Chariot Let Down, Charleston's Free People of Color on the Eve of the Civil War.

JOHNSON, MICHAEL; ROARK, JAMES: Black Masters, A Free Family of Color in the Old South.

KIRKLAND, RANDOLPH, JR.: Broken Fortunes: South Carolina Soldiers, Sailors & Citizens Who Died in the Service of Their Country and State in the War for Southern Independence, 1861-1865.

McCAWLEY, PATRICK: Guide to Civil War Records: A Guide to the Records in the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.

NEPVEUX, ETHEL: George Alfred Trenholm and the Company that went to war.

RHODES, JEFFERY: Scapegoat General, Benjamin Huger, C.S.A.

RIPLEY, WARREN: Siege Train, The Journal of a Confederate Artillery Man in the Defense of Charleston.(The single most useful book on understanding units and the formation of units in South Carolina)

RIVERS, WM. J and Thomas, J.P.: Rivers’ Account of the Raising of Troops in South Carolina for State and Confederate Service, 1861-1865

ROBERTS: Portraits of Conflict: A Photographic History of South Carolina in the Civil War.

SALLEY: S.C. Troops in the Confederacy. Vol I,II, and III (Rosters of the early regiments, the most complete work, for what it covers First Reg, First Hagood, First Gregg, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth S.C. are all included.)

S.C.U.D.C.: South Carolina Women in the Confederacy, 3 Vols.

SEIGLER, ROBERT S.: Passing the Silent Cup, A Guide to Confederate Monuments in South Carolina

SINGLETARY, OTIS: Negro Militia and Reconstruction

SIMS, WM. G.: Sack and Destruction of the City of Columbia, South Carolina

THOMAS, J.P.: The History of the South Carolina Military Academy, 1893

THOMPSON, HENRY: Ousting the Carpetbagger from South Carolina

U.D.C: Recollections and Reminiscences, 1861-65, Vol. I-VI, (A terrible index with endless information. Great stuff indexed the old fashioned way.)

WELLMAN, MANLEY W.: Giant in Gray, Wade Hampton of S.C.

WILLIAMSON, JOEL: After Slavery, The Negro in South Carolina During Reconstruction, 1861-1877. (Although clearly revisionist this is a major work.)

General Works

ALLARDICE, BRUCE S.: More Generals in Gray

CAPERS, ELLISON: Confederate Military History, South Carolina.

CRUTE, JOSEPH: Units of the Confederate States Armies (Second only to Safakis and you can find it.)

DANIEL, LARRY, J.: Cannoneers in Gray, The Field Artillery of the Army of Tennessee

DOWNEY, FAIRFAX: The Guns at Gettysburg

KRICK, ROBERT K.: Lee's Colonels

LEVY, GEORGE: To Die In Chicago, Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas, 1862-1865

SIFAKIS, STEWART: A Compendium of the Confederate Armies for South Carolina and Georgia (The best book for general information about units in Confederate Service.)

WISE: The Long Arm of Lee, Vol I and II

WARNER, EZRA, Biographical register of the Confederate Congress

WARNER, EZRA, Generals in Gray, Lives of the Confederate Commanders

WELSH, JACK D.: Medical Histories of Confederate Generals

General Works for more information on Regiments both North and South:

Dornbusch, Charles E.; Military Bibliography of the Civil War

Dyer, Frederick, A Compendium of the War of Rebellion (Union)

Sifakis, Stewart, A Compendium of the Confederate Armies (Confederate)

U.D.C.:Recollections and Reminiscences 1861-65:
South Carolina Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy
Vol 1 – 11
Selected Items of Interest to the Confederate Reader.


Bennettsville, Evergreen Cemetery, Vol. 2, page 621
Bishopville, Confederate Graves in Presbyterian Cemetery, Bishopville, S.C. Vol. 8, page 347, U.D.C.
Bishopville, Old Soldiers Buried at Bethehem Cemetery, Bishopville, S.C., Vol. 8, page 347, U.D.C.
Charleston, Letter from Peller, A.A.J, Vol. 2, page 270
Chester, Purity Graveyard, Address given by S.B. Lathan Chester County, Vol. 7, page 387, U.D.C.
Chesterfield County, Liberty Hill Cemetery, Vol. 5, page 170
Chesterfield County, Yoar Cemetery, Vol. 5, page 171
Chesterfield, Chesterfield Cemetery, Chesterfield, S.C. Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 22, UDC
Chesterfield, Hopewell Cemetery, Chesterfield, S.C. Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 23, UDC
Chesterfield, Hurst Cemetery, Chesterfield, S.C., Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 23, UDC
Chesterfield, Local Cemeteries, Chesterfield, S.C., Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 22, UDC
Chesterfield, No Tombs, Chesterfield, S.C. Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 24, UDC
Chesterfield, Pine Grove Cemetery Chesterfield, S.C., Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 21, UDC
Chesterfield, Shiloh Cemetery, Chesterfield, S.C. Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 23, UDC
Chesterfield, Zoar Cemetery, Chesterfield, S.C. Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 21, UDC
Clinton, Confederate Soldiers n Clinton Cemetery, Vol. 6, page 82, UDC
Edgefield, Catholic Cemetery, Vol. 6, page 72, UDC
Edgefield, Dead in Edgefield Village Cemetery and other area cemeteries, Vol. 6, page 69, UDC
Edgefield, Horn’s Creek Churchyard, Vol. 6, page 71, UDC
Edgefield, Jones Family Graveyard, Vol. 6, page 72, UDC
Edgefield, Red Hill Churchyard, Vol. 6, page 72, UDC
Elloree, Trinity Lutheran Churchyard, Elloree, S.C. Vol. 6, page 433
Fairfield County, New Hope Cemetery, Fairfield County Vol. 6, page 445
Fairfield, Cemetery List, Concord Church, Fairfield County, Vol. 6, page 6, U.D.C.
Florence, Bethel Cemetery, Confederate Dead, Vol. 3, page 576
Florence, Olanta, Presbyterian Cemetery, Confederate Dead, Vol. 3, page 576
Greenwood - Magnolia Cemetery, Vol. 3, page 191
Greenwood – Methodist Cemetery and others, Vol. 3, page 194
Greenwood, Edgewood Cemetery, Vol. 6, page 57, UDC
Greenwood, Hodges Cemetery, Vol. 6, page 58, UDC
Greenwood, Magnolia Cemetery, Vol. 6, page 53, UDC
Greenwood, Methodist Cemetery, Vol. 6, page 55, UDC
Greenwood, Rehobeth Cemetery List, Greenwood County, Confederate Soldiers Graves
Greenwood, Tabernacle Cemetery, Vol. 6, page 56, UDC
Greenwood, Tranquil Church Cemetery, Vol. 6, page 57, UDC
Johnson, Harmony Cemetery and others, Vol. 2, page 622
Johnson, Mt. Calvary, Lybrand family Cemeteries, Vol. 2, page 627
Johnson, Mt. Olive Cemetery, Vol. 2, page 623
Johnson, Phillipi Cemetery, Vol. 2, page 626
Johnson, Roll of Confederate Dead at Mount of Olives Cemetery, Johnson, S.C. Vol. 10 page 278, U.D.C.
Laurens, Confederate Dead, Laurens Cemetery, Vol. 3, page 571
Laurens, New Prospect Church, Vol. 6, page 77, UDC
Marion County, Beulah Cemetery, Vol. 5, page 171
Marion, Marion Cemetery, Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 26, UDC
Marion, Rose Hill Cemetery, Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 27, UDC
Newberry, Rosemont, Village, West End Cemeteries, Vol. 2, page 624
Orangeburg, Confederate Dead in Orangeburg City Cemeteries, Vol. 5, page 580
Orangeburg, Orangeburg Presbyterian Church and Cemetery in Confederate History, Orangeburg, Roster of Dead from Orangeburg County Vol. 5, page 138
Pageland, Graves Marked at Pageland, Vol. 4, page 521
Pendleton, The Confederate Dead at the Old Stone Church and Pendleton, Vol. 7, page 377, U.D.C.
Pickens, Bethlehem Cemetery, Vol. 2, page 614
Pickens, Confederate Burials in Private Cemeteries, Vol. 2, page 612
Pickens, Griffin Cemetery, Vol. 2, page 614
Pickens, Peter Creek Church Cemetery, Vol. 2, page 611
Pickens, Pickens Cemetery, Vol. 2, page 615
Pickens, Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Vol. 2, page 611
Pickens, Revolutionary, Confederate and World War Burials, Vol. 2, page 613
Pickens, West View, Easley, Vol. 2, page 616
Prosperity, Prosperity Cemetery List, Vol. 6, page 75, UDC
Ridge Springs, Ridge Springs Cemetery, Vol. 5, page 300
Rock Hill, Harmony Cemetery, Vol. 5, page 600
Rock Hill, Laurelwood Cemetery, Vol. 5, page 600
Rock Hill, Neely’s Creek Cemetery, Vol. 5, page 600
Saluda County, Confederate Dead, Vol. 3, page 577
South Carolina Burials in Georgia, Vol. 2, page 627
Spartanburg, Cemetery List of Gleaton Cemetery, Spartanburg, S.C., Vol. 9, page 199, U.D.C.
Springfield, Cemetery List of Morgantown Cemetery Springfield, S.C. Vol. 9, page 199, U.D.C.
Springfield, Cemetery List of Oakwood Cemetery, Springfield, S.C. Vol. 9, page 199, U.D.C.
St. Matthews, Confederate Dead, Vol. 6, page 66, UDC
Timmonsville, Byrd Cemetery, Confederate Dead, Vol. 3, page 575
Union, Confederate Graves in Union County, Vol. 3, page 107
Union, New Prospect, Duncan, Gist, New Hope, Shiloh, Belmont, and Lawson Cemeteries, Vol. 2, page 619
Union, Padgett’s Creek Cemetery Vol. 2, page 617
Ward, Spann’s Cemetery, Vol. 2, page 626
Westminister, First Baptist Cemetery, Vol. 3, page 570
Winnsboro, List of Confederate Veterans in A.R.P. Cemetery Winnsboro, S.C., Vol. 11, page 303, U.D.C.
Winnsboro, List of Confederate Veterans in Episcopal Cemetery, Winnsboro, S.C. Vol. 11 page 304, U.D.C.
Woodruff, Graves in a Country Churchyard, Woodruff, S.C., Vol. 6, page 416
York, Laurelwood Cemetery, Vol. 2, page 620

County, City, Other State Histories:

Abbeville, Abbeville County’s Part in the War Between the States, Vol. 9. page 133, U.D.C.
Abbeville, Abbeville History, Vol. 3, page 316
Abbeville, What Abbeville County Contributed in the War of Secession, Mrs. M.G. Donald, Vol. 9, page 175, U.D.C.
Aiken, Wheeler’s Cavalry in Aiken, Vol. 7, page 98, U.D.C.
Anderson – Anderson Boys who Wore the Gray, Vol. 5, page 529
Anderson County - Camp Pickens, Orr’s Rifles, Vol.4, page 11
Anderson County, Vol. 3, page 299
Anderson, Anderson County in the War Between the States, Georgia L. Muldrow, Vol. 11 page 319, U.D.C.
Anderson, Jolly, Manse, Largent, Vol. 3, page 394
Andersonville – The Town of Anderson, S.C., Vol. 5, page 74
Bamburg, Our County’s Part in the War Between the States (Bamburg County), Roberta Walker, Vol. 11 page 317, U.D.C.
Barnwell District in the War, Vol. 6, page 439
Berkeley, Berkeley County’s Part in the War Between the States, A.C. Snowden, Vol. 9, page 167, U.D.C.
Charleston, Confederate Monument in Mount Pleasant Vol. 5, page 81
Charleston, Fortifications and Men named for, James Island, Vol. 5, page 324
Charleston, Reeder, Bob, Charleston Harbor, Labor, Vol. 4, page 585
Charleston, Simons, T. Grange, Washington Light Inf, 25 SCV, James Island in Defense of Charleston Harbor (Excellent), Vol. 5, page 300
Charleston, The Citadel in the WTBS, Vol. 5, page 36
Cheraw, First Confederate Monument, Cheraw, S.C., Vol. 6, page 106, UDC
Chester County in the War, Vol. 6, page 408
Chester, James Graham’s Railroad Mission, Chester, S.C., Vol. 7, page 171, U.D.C.
Chester, List of Officers from Chester County, placed in Corner-Stone of Confederate Monument, Vol. 6, page 9, UDC
Clarendon, Clarendon Confederate History, Mrs. Samuel J. Clark, Vol. 7, page 343, U.D.C.
Clemson, Fort Hill, Clemson University, Vol. 4, page 45
Clinton – Doar House, Vol. 4, page 25
Columbia, Burying the Dead and Burning of Columbia, Vol. 6, page 324-327
Confederate Generals of South Carolina, Vol. 2, page 547
Dillion County, Vol. 4, page 532
Edgefield County, Stevens Creek, Vol. 3, page 449
Edgefield, Address to the Edgefield Riflemen and Response on the Presentation of the Flag, Cicero Adams, Mrs. Elbert Bland, Vol. 6, page 153, UDC
Edgefield, Edgefield County Soldier’s Relief, Vol. 3, page 419
Edgefield, Record of Confederate Veterans, Vol. 2, page 478
Edgefield, Roster Edgefield Riflemen, Vol. 2, page 581 and 583
Edgefield, Some of the Edgefield Surgeons, Vol. 9, page 553, U.D.C.
Edgefield, The Allens of Fruit Hill, Edgefield S.C., Vol. 6, page 154, UDC
Edgefield, Wayside Hospital, Edgefield, Vol. 3, page 161
Fort Mill, Our Confederate Heroes, Vol. 2, page 484
Georgetown, A Sketch of Georgetown County 1861-1867, Mrs. J.W. Doar Vol. 11, page 487, U.D.C.
Georgetown, Historic Spots in Georgetown, Vol. 4, page 491
Georgia – Troop Artillery, Vol. 5, page 499
Georgia, Newman, E.F., 28th Georgia, Vol. 3, page 71
Greenwood County in the War, Vol. 6, page 451
Historic Homes in S.C., Vol. 3, page 363
Johnson, The Lott Home, Vol. 3, page 136
Lancaster District in the War, Vol. 6, page 443
Laurens, Laurens County Confederate History, W.D. Sullivan Sr., Vol. 9, page 177, U.D.C.
Lee, Roll of Confederate Soldiers, Lee County, Vol. 6, page 14, UDC
Lexington - Companies from Lexington County, Vol. 2, page 592
Lexington, List of Confederate Veterans and Widows Living in Lexington County, 1914, Vol. 8, page 354, U.D.C.
Mississippi - Stewart, J.A., 13th Mississippi, Vol. 3, page 273
Mississippi, Abney, G.H, Mexican War, WTBS, Vol. 3, page 74
Mount Pleasant – History, Vol. 3, page 411
Newberry – Confederate Monument, Vol. 4, page 49
Newberry History, Vol. 3, page 432
Newberry, My County’s Part in the War Between the States (Newberry), Vol. 9, page 143, U.D.C.
Newberry, My County’s Part in the War Between the States (Newberry), Vol. 9, page 149, U.D.C.
Newberry, Newberry College in the WTBS, Vol. 5, page 26
Newberry’s Response to the Confederacy, Vol. 3, page 435
North Carolina, 7th N.C. Regiment, Vol 5, page 602
North Carolina, Walter Cook, Letters, Fifty-Sixth North Carolina, Vol. 6, page 503
Oconee, Confederate Monument, Oconee County, Vol. 3, page 314
Oconee, My County’s Part in the War Between the States (Oconee), Bessie Stribling, Vol. 10, page 336, U.D.C.
Oconee, Oconee’s Part in the War Between the States, Anna Hall, Vol. 10, page 339, U.D.C.
Oconee, UCV Reunion 1922, Vol. 2, page 481
Orangeburg – Sherman in Orangeburg, Vol. 5, page 79
Orangeburg, History of Orangeburg County, Vol. 5, page 160
Orangeburg, History of Orangeburg County, Vol. 5, page 160
Orangeburg, Orangeburg County in the War Between the States, Vol. 7, page 355, U.D.C.
Pendleton, Confederate History of Pendleton District, Vol. 7, page 374, U.D.C.
Pendleton, Old Pendleton, Vol. 7, page 361, U.D.C.
Pickens County – Richland Farm, Vol. 4, page 19
Pickens County in the War, Vol. 6, page 445
Pickens County in the War, Vol.4, page 251
Pickens County Masonic, Vol. 3, page 307
Pickens, Early Churches of Pickens District, Vol. 3, page 412
Pickens, Thalian Academy, Slabtown, Vol. 3, page 415
Richland/Camden? – Historic Homes, Vol. 3, page 467
Saluda, My County’s Part in the War Between the States, Edgefield District, Saluda County, Mrs. G.O. Etheredge, Vol. 7, page 531, U.D.C.
South Carolina at the Battle of Kinston, Vol. 2, page 608
South Carolina in the War Between the State, Vol. 2, page 491
Spartanburg County in the War, Vol. 6, page 452
Spartanburg, Spartanburg County’s Part in the War Between the States, Mrs. M.L. Adair, Vol. 9, page 196, U.D.C.
Sumter, Hillcrest (Home), Vol. 3, page 134
Union – Officers from Union County Vol. 3, page 106
Union – The Union Minutemen, Gadberry’s Company, Co E, Gregg’s First, Vol. 2, page 593
Union County Confederate Monument, Vol. 4, page 401
Union, Companies from Union, Vol. 2, page 606
Union, Johnson Rifles, Spanish American War, Vol. 2, page 605
Union, List of Companies for Union, Vol. 5, page 297
Union, President Davis in Union, Vol. 3, page 149
Union, Sarratt Family, Union, Vol. 5, page 451
Union, Union’s Distinguished Sons, Vol. 5, page 443
Williamsburg, Williamsburg County, The Effects of the WBTS, Montgomery, Julia, Vol. 7, page 318, U.D.C.
York, York County in the Dark Days of 1876, J.R. Haile, Vol. 11, page 438, U.D.C.

Generals and Leaders:

Anderson, Lt. Gen. R.H. Anderson, Mrs. W.B. May, Vol. 8, page 201, U.D.C.
Anderson, Lt. Gen. R.H. Anderson, Pauline Oates, Vol. 10, page 187, U.D.C.
Anderson, Richard Heron Anderson, Hugh White, Vol. 9, page 1, U.D.C.
Anderson, Richard Heron Anderson, Vol. 10, page 465, U.D.C.
Beauregard, General Beauregard, Beatrice Ferri, Vol. 8, page 245, U.D.C.
Bonham, Governor M.L. Bonham, Agatha A. Woodson, Vol. 10, page 497, U.D.C.
Bonham, M.L. Bonham, Vol. 3, page 159
Bratton, General John Bratton, Louise Ellison, Vol. 9, page 5, U.D.C.
Brunson, J.A., Killed Second Manassas, Darlington, Vol. 3, page 22
Butler, Gen. M.C. Butler, Vol. 5, page 356
Butler, M.C. Butler, W.G. Hope, Vol. 10 page 493, U.D.C.
Butler, M.C. General, Vol. 3, page 76
Butler, M.C., Vol. 3, page 443
Butler, Matthew Calbraith Butler, U.R. Brooks, Vol. 9, page 477, U.D.C.
Capers, Franklin, Ellison Capers, Vol. 3, page 441
Carter, J.H., C.S. Navy, Vol. 3, page 77
Confederate Generals of South Carolina, Vol. 2, page 547 Dunovant, Brigadier General John Dunovant and General R.G.M. Dunovant, Vol. 9, page 550, U.D.C.
Elliott, Stephen, General
Evans, General Nathan G. Evans, Vol. 6, page 242, U.D.C.
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Evans, Nathan, Letter concerning from Lt. E.P. Miller, Vol. 2, page 263
Gary, Martin – Letter – Vol. 3, page 344
Gary, Martin Gary, A.R. Nicholson, Vol. 7, page 217, U.D.C. (Good)
Gary, Martin, General, Vol. 3, page 76
Gaston, James McFadden Gaston, Chief Surgeon of South Carolina Troops, Anderson’s Brigade, Vol. 7, page 174, U.D.C.
Generals I have known, Vol. 3, page 163
Gist, States Rights Gist, Vol. 5, page 247
Governors of S.C. that I have known, Vol. 3, page 157
Gregg, Maxcy Gregg, Agatha A. Woodson, Vol 11 page 639, U.D.C.
Gregg, Maxcy, General, Vol. 3, page 6
Gregg, Maxcy, General, Vol. 5, page 184
Hampton, Wade Hampton, Cristobel Mayfield, Vol. 8, page 257, U.D.C.
Hampton, Wade, Vol. 2, page 496 Hero, A.C., C.S. Navy, Vol. 3, page 492
Hill, Daniel Harvey Hill, Julia Plexico, Vol. 8, page 95, U.D.C.
Ingraham, Duncan Nathaniel Ingraham, Commander, C.S.N., Vol. 6, page 188 UDC
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More Governors of S.C., Vol. 3, page 167
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Perrin, General Abner Perrin, P.M. Feltham, Vol. 9, page 22, U.D.C.
Pickens, Governor Francis Pickens, Vol. 6, page 259, U.D.C.
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Pickens, Lucy Pickens, Holcombe Legion, Vol. 6, page 468
Radical Governors, Vol. 3, page 168
Salley, Marion, Vol. 7, page 344, U.D.C.Generals and Leaders
Toombs, Robert, Vol 4, page 33
Trapier, General J.H. Trapier, Vol. 7, page 168, U.D.C.
Trapier, J.H. General, Vol. 4, page 571
Wallace, General W.H. Wallace, Eighteenth S.C. Infantry, Vol. 9, page 21, U.D.C.
Wallace, General William Henry Wallace, Vol. 6, page 209, U.D.C.


Burgess Mill, The Battle of Burgess’ Mill, October, 1864, Thomas Taylor, Vol. 6, page 114, UDC
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Battle of Pocotaligo, Vol. 5, page 119
The Battle of Dingle’s Mill, Vol. 3, page 7
Honey Hill, Vol. 3, page 437


Flags and Seals of S.C., Vol. 2, page 474 A Secession Banner (Flag), Vol. 3, page 360
Batesville Volunteer Flag, Early War Unit, most of the men went to the Holcombe Legion, Vol. 10, page 83, U.D.C.
The Battle Flag of the 24th S.C.V.I. and The Raising of Troops in South Carolina, Annie Scarborough, Vol. 9, page 172, U.D.C.
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Saluda Guards Flag, Vol. 5, page 95
State Flag Captured in Columbia 1865, Vol. 5, page 96
Governor Guards Flag, Circa 1877, Vol. 5, page 97
Flag of the Pea Ridge Volunteers, (Co. E, Fifth SCV), Vol. 3, page 412

United Confederate Veterans:

Roll of Catawba Camp, United Confederate Veterans, Vol. 8, page 104, U.D.C.
Fort Mill, United Confederate Veteran Camp, Vol. 6, page 5, UDC
Roll of T.M. Wagner Camp, United Confederate Veterans, 1899, Vol. 8, page 304, U.D.C. Orangeburg, UCV Reunion Orangeburg 1910, Vol. 5, page 570
UCV Roll, Camp James Mitchell, Vol. 3, page 568

Early War Units

Mellichamp, S.R., Moultrie Guards, First Rifles – Ft. Sumter – Vol.5, page 155
Galliard, P.C., Seventeenth Regiment (Early), Charleston Battalion, 27th SCV., Vol. 3, page 68
Roster of the Rhett Guard, July 1861, Vol. 5, page 93
Timmonsville Minutemen, Roster, Vol. 3, page 516 The Johnson Rifles, Minutemen, First SC, 6 months Vols., Vol. 3, page 291


Alexander, James, Letter, Evan’s Brigade?, Vol. 5, page 346
Butler’s Brigade, Vol. 5, page 469
Buzhardt, O.M. Scout, Kershaw’s Brigade, Vol. 5, page 202
Doyle, O.M., Surgeon, Jenkins Brigade, Vol. 5, page 524
Independent Cavalry Scouts (Reserve Unit, late war, attached to Kershaw, See Durham, L.R.), Vol. 5, page 468
Werts, A.A, Kershaw’s Brigade, Vol. 2, page 533


Frank E. Whilden’s Experience During the War, An Eyewitness Account of Sherman’s Occupation of Columbia, Vol. 9, page 486, U.D.C.
Alexander McQueen Salley – The Salley Family, Vol. 9, page 577, U.D.C.
Charleston, H.E. Brackett, Vol. 8, page 170, U.D.C.
Ferguson Family – Fourth SCV and other units, Vol. 4, page 125
Southern Memorial Day, Vol. 4, page 435
Tompkins Family of Edgefield, Vol. 7, page 209, U.D.C.
The Bells of St. Michael’s Church, Martha B. Washington, Vol. 7, page 569, U.D.C.
The Bells of St. Phillip’s, Martha B. Washington, Vol. 7, page 571, U.D.C.

Recent Works on South Carolina

Mary's World: Love, War, and Family Ties in Nineteenth-century Charleston.

This biography of Mary Pringle and her family (which included eight Confederate heroes, including Capt. Robert Pringle, after whom Battery Pringle on the Stono River near Charleston was posthumously named) explores in great detail how the war affected one large Confederate family of South Carolina rice planters.

Mary's World: Love, War, and Family Ties in Nineteenth-Century Charleston.

New publications that I plan to read as soon as possible:

BRENNAN, PATRICK - Secessionville: Assault on Charleston

I promised Patrick Brennan I would read his book, I did, expecting not to find what I found. Then I went out and ordered a copy, paid good money for something printed after 1965 and written by someone from north of Kentucky. This book is a must for anyone who loves the war. Patrick's work is an amazing thing, and thank goodness for it. He give us what most seek, a pure Yankee bean counting, footnoted study with a story as only a fire eating southern could tell it... not bad Pat, damn near perfect... and those of you who know me know I don't hold much stock for most of the modern writers, so these are strong words. Trust me you need the book, go buy it. Makes me want to find a couple of more good ones. Pat's words are like music, almost a lyric, and it is good to hear Dixie one more time, even when blended with that other song they call a hymn.

WISE, STEVE - Gate of Hell

New Books, Deals, and Information!

"Out-of-print book sale. _To The Manner Born: The Life of General William H.T. Walker_ (University of Georgia Press, 1994), colorful and outspoken Civil War Confederate leader, sometimes known as the Georgia Firebrand. 300 pages of text and 100 of appendices, notes, bibliography and index. Now out of print, the last few copies of this book, autographed by the author, are available at a special discount of only $24.95, 50% off the publisher's list price. Mail orders, add $5.00 for S&H. Contact Russell K. Brown at (706) 868-6450, russell@csranet.com, or 801 Thaxton Road, Grovetown, GA 30813."

Reviews of papers available in the U.S.C. Collection

Confederate Imprint of the works of Governor Francis Pickens War Governor of S.C. Imprint,University of South Carolina (2001)
Micah Jenkins LetterJenkins Brigade Army of Northern Virginia.University of South Carolina
Memories of the war, relating to Micah Jenkins family.Jenkins Brigade Army of Northern Virginia.University of South Carolina
Micah Jenkins Report, Wauhatchie night attack Jenkins Brigade Army of Northern Virginia University of South Carolina
Lexington County Pensions . . . University of South Carolina
Cain Family Papers, mention of Wigfall of Texas in 1861. . .University of South Carolina
The Burning of Columbia .. .University of South Carolina
The Charles Stevens Dwight PapersKershaw’s BrigadeArmy of Northern Virginia.University of South Carolina
Civil War History in Wateree Swamp What was in the mysterious vials from the last century. Army of Northern Virginia.University of South Carolina

Reviews of Papers and Letters of Union Soldiers in Service in South Carolina

Papers of Charles F. Lee – Fifty fifth Massachusetts Infantry serving of coast of S.C. University of South Carolina (2001)
Letter of R.P. Wales, Union Soldier serving of coast of S.C.University of South Carolina (2001)
Lt. A.S. Bodine, 127th New York Volunteers, Battle of Honey Hill University of South Carolina
William H. Johnson, Seventh Connecticut Volunteers Coastal Service S.C. University of South Carolina
Harrison M. Beardsley, Fiftieth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers University of South Carolina
Calvin Shedd, Seventh New Hampshire Regiment University of South Carolina

Publications by the University of South Carolina
No nasty notes about the revision of history, some of these are modern authors, others are reprints of great older material. By the way, I know who burned Columbia. Follow the link, read the review, and you decide.
DeWitt Boyd Stone, Jr (ed.) - Wandering to Glory, Confederate Veterans Remember Evans's Brigade, (Finally Shank Evan’s boys live again) University of South Carolina (2001)
Brooke, George M., Jr. (ed.) - Ironclads and Big Guns of the Confederacy University of South Carolina (2001)
Davis, William C. - Rhett University of South Carolina (2001)
Early, Jubal A.- A Memoir of the Last Year of the War for Independence in the Confederate States of America University of South Carolina (2001)
Pember, Phoebe Yates - A Southern Woman's Story University of South Carolina (2001)
Sexton, Rebecca Grant (ed.) - A Southern Woman of Letters University of South Carolina (2001)
The Jewish Confederates
Robert N. Rosen
University of South Carolina
Confederate Charleston, An Illustrated History of the City and the People during the Civil War
Robert N. Rosen
University of South Carolina
Lifeline of the Confederacy, Blockade Running During the Civil War
Stephen R. Wise
University of South Carolina
Gate of Hell; Campaign for Charleston Harbor, 1863
Stephen R. Wise
University of South Carolina
Siege Train; The Journey of a Confederate Artilleryman in the Defense of Charleston
Edited by Warren Ripley
University of South Carolina
Two Scholarly Friends, Yates Snowden—John Bennett Correspondence, 1902–1932
Edited by Mary Crow Anderson
University of South Carolina
A Year on a Monitor and the Destruction of Fort Sumter
Alvah F. Hunter
University of South Carolina
Gullah Statesman, Robert Smalls from Slavery to Congress, 1839—1915
Edward A. Miller, Jr.
University of South Carolina
"Him on the One Side and Me on the Other”; The Civil War Letters of Alexander Campbell, 79th New York Infantry Regiment, and James Campbell, 1st South Carolina Battalion
Edited by Terry A. Johnston, Jr
University of South Carolina
Conscription and Conflict in the Confederacy
Albert Burton Moore
University of South Carolina
The Confederate Privateers
William Morrison Robinson, Jr.
University of South Carolina
Iron Afloat; The Story of the Confederate Armorclads
William N. Still Jr.
University of South Carolina
Lincoln's Abolitionist General; The Biography of David Hunter
Edward A. Miller, Jr.
University of South Carolina
Our Fathers' Fields; A Southern Story
James Everett Kibler
University of South Carolina
The Plain People of the Confederacy
Bell Irvin Wiley
University of South Carolina
Sherman and the Burning of Columbia
Marion B. Lucas;
University of South Carolina
Lee's Adjutant, The Wartime Letters of Colonel Walter Herron Taylor, 1862–1865
Edited by R. Lockwood Tower
University of South Carolina
High Seas Confederate, The Life and Times of John Newland Maffitt
Royce Shingleton
University of South Carolina
Soldiers Blue and Gray
James I. Robertson, Jr.
University of South Carolina
Buff Facings and Gilt Buttons, Staff and Headquarters Operations in the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861–1865
J. Boone Bartholomees, Jr.
University of South Carolina
From the Pen of a She-Rebel; The Civil War Diary of Emilie Riley McKinley
Edited by Gordon A. Cotton
University of South Carolina
A Confederate Nurse; The Diary of Ada W. Bacot, 1860–1863
Edited by Jean V. Berlin
University of South Carolina
The Hammonds of Redcliffe
Edited by Carol Bleser
University of South Carolina
A Plantation Mistress on the Eve of the Civil War; The Diary of Keziah Goodwyn Hopkins Brevard, 1860–1861
Edited by John Hammond Moore
University of South Carolina
A Confederate Lady Comes of Age, The Journal of Pauline DeCaradeuc Heyward; 1863–1888
Edited by Mary D. Robertson
University of South Carolina
Slave Missions and the Black Churches in the Antebellum South
Janet Duitsman Cornelius
University of South Carolina
An Antebellum Plantation Household; Including the South Carolina Low Country Receipts and Remedies of Emily Wharton Sinkler
Anne Sinkler Whaley LeClercq
University of South Carolina
The Siege of Charleston, 1861–1865
E. Milby Burton
University of South Carolina
The Confederacy as a Revolutionary Experience
Emory M. Thomas
University of South Carolina
The History of Newberry County, South Carolina, Volume Two 1860–1990
Thomas H. Pope
University of South Carolina
Columbia & Richland County A South Carolina Community, 1740–1990
John Hammond Moore
University of South Carolina
One Dies, Get Another; Convict Leasing in the American South, 1866–1928
Matthew J. Mancini
University of South Carolina
The Confederacy Is on Her Way Up the Spout, Letters to South Carolina, 1861–1864
Edited by J. Roderick Heller III and Carolynn Ayres Heller
University of South Carolina
A Woman Rice Planter
Elizabeth A. Pringle with a new introduction by Charles Joyner
University of South Carolina
Ersatz in the Confederacy, Shortages and Substitutes on the Southern Homefront
Mary Elizabeth Massey
University of South Carolina

Publications by L.S.U. Press

Army of the Heartland - The Army of Tennessee, 1861–1862 - Thomas Lawrence Connelly (L.S.U. Press)
Autumn of Glory -The Army of Tennessee, 1862–1865 -Thomas Lawrence Connelly (L.S.U. Press)
Mary Boykin Chesnut, A Biography - Elisabeth Muhlenfeld - Foreword by C. Vann Woodward (L.S.U. Press)
Fortune and Misery - Sallie Rhett Roman of New Orleans - A Biographical Portrait and Selected Fiction, 1891–1920 – Nancy Dixon (L.S.U. Press)
A Volunteer’s Adventures - A Union Captain’s Record of the Civil War - John William De Forest - Edited, with Notes, by James H. Croushore (L.S.U. Press)
New People - Refugee Life in the Confederacy - Mary Elizabeth Massey (L.S.U. Press)
To the North Anna River - Grant and Lee, May 13–25, 1864 - Gordon C. Rhea (L.S.U. Press)

Publications by University of North Carolina Press

Long Gray Lines -The Southern Military School Tradition, 1839-1915 - by Rod Andrew Jr. (U N.C. Press)
In My Father's House Are Many Mansions Family and Community in Edgefield, South Carolina - by Orville Vernon Burton (U N.C. Press)
Unification of a Slave State -The Rise of the Planter Class in the South Carolina Backcountry, 1760-1808 - by Rachel N. Klein (U N.C. Press)
Moonlight, Magnolias, and Madness - Insanity in South Carolina from the Colonial Period to the Progressive Era -by Peter McCandless (U N.C. Press)
Iron Confederacies - Southern Railways, Klan Violence, and Reconstruction - by Scott Reynolds Nelson (U N.C. Press)
Designs against Charleston - The Trial Record of the Denmark Vesey Slave Conspiracy of 1822 - Edited and with an introduction by Edward A. Pearson (U N.C. Press)
A Family of Women - The Carolina Petigrus in Peace and War -by Jane H. Pease and William H. Pease (U N.C. Press)

Publications by the University of Georgia. Press

Rehearsal for Reconstruction -The Port Royal Experiment -Willie Lee Rose (U Ga. Press)
A Heritage of Woe - The Civil War Diary of Grace Brown Elmore, 1861-1868 - Grace Brown Elmore, Edited by Marli F. Weiner (U Ga. Press)
Berry Benson's Civil War Book -Memoirs of a Confederate Scout and Sharpshooter - Berry Benson, Edited by Susan Williams Benson (U Ga. Press)
To Have and to Hold - Slave Work and Family Life in Antebellum South Carolina - Larry E. Hudson Jr. (U Ga. Press)
Major Butler's Legacy - Five Generations of a Slaveholding Family- Malcolm Bell Jr. (U Ga. Press)

Publications by the University of Alabama. Press

The Journals of Josiah Gorgas, 1857-1878 - Edited by Sarah Woolfolk Wiggins -With a Foreword by Frank E. Vandiver (U of Alabama Press)
Oh, What a Loansome Time I Had - The Civil War Letters of Major William Morel Moxley, Eighteenth Alabama Infantry, and Emily Beck Moxley - EDITED BY THOMAS W. CUTRER (U of Alabama Press)
Third Alabama! The Civil War Memoir of Brigadier General Cullen Andrews Battle, CSA - Edited by Brandon H. Beck (U of Alabama Press)

Other Universities with Publications of Interest

University of Arkansas (Major Civil War Publications) (U of Arkansas Press)
University of Missouri Press (Major Civil War Publications ) (U of Missouri Press)
University of Oklahoma Press (Great Indian Wars Publications) (U of Oklahoma Press)
University of Tennessee Press (UT Press)
University of Texas Press (U-Texas Press)
Texas Tech Press (U-Texas Tech Press)
Texas A & M Press (U-Texas A & M, Aggie Press)
University Press of Florida (Florida)

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