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South Carolina Legions
Holcombe Legion

Citadel Flag by Marilyn

South Carolina Legions
Holcombe Legion

(Evan's, Walker's, Elliott's, Wallace's Brigade)

Defense of South Carolina
Army of Northern Virginia
Army of Tennessee





Staff Infantry:
W.H. Cain (Capt. Commsy.)
J.D. McCullough (Chap.)
F.P. Porcher (Surg.)
J.A. Porter (Chap.)
Robert Rutledge (Sgt. Major)
W.M. Sage (AQM)
P.G. Snowden (Asst. Surg)
Staff Mounted:
S.E. Capers (AQM)
W.P. Dubois (Lt.)
W.E. Michie (Asst. Surg.)
A.W. Moore (Chap.)

Companies (Dismounted or Infantry)
ABrady, Thomas C. (Capt.) . .
.Brown, A.U. (Capt.) . .
.Scruggs, C.C. (Capt.) . .
.Scruggs, R.M. (Capt.) . .
.Smith, Wm. J. (Capt.) . .
.T.J. Moore (1Lt.)..
.A.H. Williams (1Lt.)..
.J.H. Copeland (2Lt.)..
.J.J. Foster (2Lt.)..
.J.A. Jarrett (2Lt.)..
.J. Penson Jr. (2Lt.)..
.W.B. Williams (2Lt.)..
.C.S. Scruggs (1Sgt)..
.F.L. Anderson (QMSgt.)..
BBriant, A.B. (Capt.) . .
.J.F. Sloan (Capt.)..
. Bates, E.H (1Lt.)..
.J.G. Brown (2Lt.)..
. F.R. Mulligan(2Lt.)..
CBomar, John E.(Capt.) . .
.Bost, Joseph M.(Capt.) . .
.Tolleson, James H.(Capt.) . .
.D.P. Gilbert (1Lt.)..
. M.E. Miller (1Lt.)..
.A.J. Tolleson (1Lt.)..
. W.H. Trimmer(1Lt.)..
. J.M. Daniel (2Lt.)..
. A.A. Sarratt(2Lt.)..
. George Cofield (Ensign)..
.J.W. Tolleson (OrdSgt)..
DW.J. Crawley (Capt./Col.) . .
.Dunbar, Robert J.(Capt.) ..
.Joseph Bates (1Lt.)..
. D/M/ Htrm(1Lt.)..
.Thomas Beggs (2Lt.)..
. Jacob Smith (3Lt.)..
.J.E. Crosland (AQM)..
ERobuck, W.P. (Capt.) . .
.Woodruff, A.B.(Capt.) . .
. E.H. Bobo(1Lt.)..
.T.S. Wright (1Lt.)..
.G.R. Burnett (2Lt.)..
. Carwile Cox (2Lt.)..
.H.J. Pearson (2Lt.)..
.J.A. Henneman (2Lt.)..
. J.R. Westmoreland (2Lt.)..
.J.D. Leonard (OrdSgt)..
FMoore, D.C. (Capt.) . .
.F.E. Bowie (1Lt.)..
.J.N. Cochran (1Lt.)..
.J.B. Black (2Lt.)..
.J.F. Hodges (2Lt.)..
.W.Q. Radcliff (2Lt.)..
.J.B. Sample (2Lt.)..
.J.A. Lomax (Comsy.Sgt.)..
GHeller, J.B.(Capt.) . .
.McCreery, B.B.(Capt.) . .
. Williams, John(Capt.) . .
.J.E. Brennon (1Lt.)..
.W.M. Hatton (1Lt.)..
.J.S. Choplin (2Lt.)..
.N.L. Hipp (2Lt.)..
.W.P. Suber (2Lt.)..
.J.J. Reeder (Bvt2Lt.)..
.J.E. Wilson (1Sgt)..
HHenry S. Boozer(Capt.) . .
.J.M. Maffett (Capt.) ..
.N. S. Merchant (Capt.)..
.Jacob Warner(Capt.) . .
.B.J. Kinard (1Lt.)..
.J.S. Hair (1Lt.)..
.G.C. Maffett (1Lt.)..
.W.S Harmon (1Sgt)..
.J.b. Werts (OrdSgt)..
IBishop, W.P. (Capt.) . .
.T.B. Martin (Capt.)..
.J.B. Davis (1Lt.)..
.Middleton Ray (1Lt.)..
.W.H. Shields (1Lt.)..
.Andrew Bishop (2Lt.)..
.M.B. Chapman (2Lt.)..
.Benjamin High (2Lt.)..
.Collins McCarter (2Lt.)..
.B.C. Tillotson (2Lt.)..
.J.T. Eubanks (1Sgt)..
KScruggs, C.C. (Capt.) . .
.R.M. Scruggs (Capt.)..
.A.H. Williams (1Lt.)..
.Thomas Wright (1Lt.)..
.A.A. Sarratt (2Lt.)..

Companies (Mounted)
AWalsh, Thomas V. (Capt.) . .
.R.C. Webb (Capt.)..
.J.F. Bradford (1Lt.)..
.J.H. Terry (2Lt.)..
.H.E. Wideman (2Lt.)..
.W.F. Bryan (Bvt2Lt.)..
.B.F. Wilson (Bvt2Lt.)..
.T.W. Dinkins (Capt.A.Q.M.)..
.R.M. Muldrow (Asst. Surg.)..
.R.N. Jones (1Sgt.)..
BFrost, Campbell R. (Capt.) . .
.Taylor, Alexander R. (Capt.) . .
.J.D. Caldwell (1Lt.)..
.Edmond Davis (1Lt.)..
.G.W. Melton (1Lt.)..
.R.H. Goodwyn (Bvt2Lt.)..
.W.T. Thorn (3Lt.)..
.P.D. Cook (1Sgt)..
.A.H. Wolfe (1Sgt)..
CSpearman, John R. (Capt.) . .
.Williams, J. Wash (Capt.) . .
. Levi Slawson(1Lt.)..
.Silas Walker (1Lt.)..
.J.L. Blackburn (3Lt.)..
.R.W. Hill (1Sgt)..
.J.W. Spearman (1Sgt)..
DMckissick, I.G. (Capt.) Union
McKissick Rangers
. J.W. Palmer (1Lt.)..
.J.W. Crider (2Lt.)..
.G.H. Jeter (2Lt.)..
. O.G. Rodgers (3Lt.)..
. R.C. Farr (1Sgt)..
.J.R. Smith (1Sgt)..
EDoby, James L. (Capt.) . .
.Shannon, Wm. M. (Capt.) . .
.U.P. Bonney (1Lt.)..
.E.M. Boykin (1Lt.)..
. Zack Cantey (2Lt.)..
.R.B. Johnson (Bvt.2Lt.)..
. J.D. Matheson(2Lt.)..
. S.M Wardlaw(Adj.)..
.James A. Hale (1Sgt)..
.J.G. Moffett (SgtMajor)..

The Holcombe Legion is becoming less and less mystic. There was no artillery element attached for any length of time, if at all. The Infantry and Cavalry Groups served with Evan's old brigade, until the founding of the Seventh S.C. Cavalry, when the mounted units departed. The rosters are available in the Complied Service Records, Broadfoot, and the Memory Rolls. Some information on the mounted unit is found here.

Seventh S.C. Cavalry

My great, great grandfather was James Fowler Sloan, Captain, Holcombe Legion - Company B, from November 21, 1861 to April 4, 1864. He is buried in the Methodist cemetery at Pacolet, South Carolina. He resigned his position in October of 1862 because of bad health and returned home to recouperate and then returned to the war. Doug Lee Leed@innova.net

*Mounted Elements will go to form the Seventh S.C. Cav.

Additional Reading:

Boozer, H.S.: Company H, Holcombe Legion Infantry Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, Confederate States of America.

Owen, Dock: Campfire Stories and Reminiscences.

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Rosters and Other:
Roster, Co E, Seventh S.C. Cavalry, Company C, Mounted, Holcombe Legion, Vol. 2, page 590
Holcombe Legion Flag, Vol. 6, page 467
Pickens, Lucy Pickens, Holcombe Legion, Vol. 6, page 468

From the unpublished work of Charles Cox, Huntville, Alabama.
Provided by Valerie Cox.
Holcombe Legion (Infantry), Battles and Stations
DateBattle or CityLocationCommanding OfficerBrigadeDivisionCorps
1/22-1/25-62Edisto Island.Col P.F. StevensGeneral Shank Evans.Dept. of S.C., Ga. (Robert E. Lee)
8/23/62Rappahannock Station. Col. P.F. Stevens Evans' Brigade (D.R. Jones) Longstreet
8/29-8/30-62Second Manassas.Col. P.F. StevensEvans' Brigade..
...Lt. Col. F.G. Palmer (K)Col. P.F. Stevens..
9/14/62Boonsboro.Major Wm. CrawleyEvans' Brigade..
....Col.P.F. Stevens..
9/16-9/17-62SharpsburgBurnside BridgeMajor Wm. CrawleyEvan's BrigadeHood's DivisionLongstreet's Corps
....Col. P.F. Stevens..
10/62Col. Stevens Resigns.Major Wm. CrawleyEvans' BrigadeMclaw’s DivsionLongstreet’s Corps
12/13-12/17-62Kinston/GoldsboroughNorth CarolinaLt. Col. Wm. J. CrawleyEvans' BrigadeMajor General Samuel French, Dept of N.C./Petersburg Major General Gustavus W. Smith, Department of N.C. and Southern Virginia
4/63South Carolina.Lt. Col Wm. CrawleyEvans' Brigade.Dept. of S.C., Ga., Fla.
5/25/63Move to Mississippi.Lt. Col. Wm. CrawleyEvans' BrigadeLoring’s Division.
7/12/63Jackson.Lt. Col Wm. CrawleyEvans' BrigadeFrench’s DivisionBreckinridge’s Corps
8/10/63Moved to Savannah, Ga..Lt. Col. Wm. CrawleyEvans' Brigade.Dept. of S.C., Ga, and Fla.
9/7/63Moved to Charleston, S.C.*.Lt. Col. Wm. CrawleyEvans' Brigade.Dept. of S.C., Ga., and Fla.
5/64Savannah.Lt. Col. Wm. Crawley. General Hugh Mercer, Department of Ga.Dept. of S.C., Ga., and Fla.
5/64Wilmington.Lt. Col. Wm. Crawley Walker’s Brigade Hoke’s DivisionW.H.C. Whiting (Third Military District, N.C.)
5/7-5/8 Holcombe Legion on Detached Service at Stony Creek.Lt. Col Wm. CrawleyWalker’s BrigadeHoke’s Division Beauregard’s Command
5/7/64Stony Creek or Sappony Church.Lt. Col Wm. CrawleyElliott's BrigadeJohnson's DivisionBeauregard's Command
5/8/64Jarratt's Station.Lt. Col Wm. CrawleyElliott's BrigadeJohnson's DivisionBeauregard's Command
5/8/64Nottoway Bridge.Lt. Col Wm. CrawleyElliott's BrigadeJohnson's DivisionBeauregard's Command
5/20/64General Walker is wounded.Lt. Col. Wm. CrawleyWalker’s BrigadeJohnson’s DivisionBeauregard’s Command
5/28/64General Stephen Elliott takes command.Lt. Col. Wm. Crawley Elliott’s Brigade Johnson’s Division Beauregard’s Command
6/28/64Stony Creek or Sappony Church.Lt. Col Wm. Crawley/WElliott's BrigadeJohnson's DivisionBeauregard's Command
...Capt. A.B. Woodruff...
9/20/64General Wm. H. Wallace promoted to General.Capt. A.B. WoodruffWallace’s BrigadeJohnson’s DivisionBeauregard’s Command
5/17-6/16-64Bermuda Hundred.Lt. Col Wm. CrawleyElliott's BrigadeJohnson's DivisionBeauregard's Command
10/16/64Holcombe Legion rejoins Brigade.Captain A.B. Woodruff Wallace’s Brigade Johnson’s Division Anderson’s Corps or Fourth Corps
10/27- 11/5Petersburg.Captain A.B. Woodruff Wallace’s Brigade Johnson’s DivisionAnderson’s or Fourth Corps
3/25/65Fort Steedman.Lt. Col. Wm. Crawley Wallace’s BrigadeJohnson's DivisionAnderson's or Fourth Corps
3/29/64Battle of Lewis Farm.Lt. Col. Wm CrawleyWallace’s BrigadeJohnson’s DivisionAnderson’s or Fourth Corps
3/31/65Gravelly Run.Lt. Col. Wm. CrawleyWallace’s BrigadeJohnson’s DivisionPickett’s Mobile Force
5/1/65Five Forks..Wallace’s BrigadeJohnson’s DivisionPickett’s Mobile Force
5/6/65Sayler’s Creek..Wallace’s BrigadeJohnson’s DivisionAnderson's or Fourth Corps
5/9/65Appomattox Courthouse.No officer’s presentWallace’s BrigadeJohnson’s DivisionAnderson’s or Fourth Corps

*At this time serious efforts begin to separate units of the Evans' Brigade. They are moved to different districts and the 18th goes to Florida. Evans is brought forward on charges and the matter proceeds to Richmond for the eye of the President. Eventually the Brigade minus the MacBeth Artillery will be brought back together in Wilmington under new command. One of the most difficult issues is the continuing disagreement between the Colonels of the command and Evans. It reflects poorly on all involved and probably cost McMaster’s and Bendow the most. Bendow is a distinguished soldier and probably would have achieved General’s rank anywhere but where he found himself. McMaster’s was also well loved and a more than adequate commander. S.D. Goodlett, another Colonel, was cashiered at Kinston which was the beginning of the open warfare between the Colonels and General Evans.

Holcombe Legion Evans BrigadeArmy of Northern Virginia and TennesseeDescription of papers and letters of John DeWitt McCollough Papers Holcombe Legion Chaplain University of South Carolina
John Carson, Holcombe Legion (Company C, Mounted), Company B Seventh S.C. Cavalry Evans & Gary’s BrigadeArmy of Northern Virginia and TennesseeDescription of papers and letters of John CarsonUniversity of South Carolina

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