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South Carolina Artillery
First Regiment Mil. Arty.

First Regiment, Company A
First Regiment, Company B
First Regiment, Company C
First Regiment, Harm's Company
First Regiment, Parker's Company
First Regiment, Pope's Company
First Regiment, Small's Company
First Regiment, Tupper's Company
First Regiment, Walter's Company
First Regiment, Werner's Company

Citadel Flag by Marilyn

South Carolina Artillery
Mil. Arty.

First Regiment Mil. Arty., Regimental HQ
.E.H. Locke (Col.)..
.J.A. Wagner (Col.)..
.A.M. Huger (Major)..
.George Caulier (Asst. Surg.)..
.T. Caulier (Asst. Surg.)..
.A.L. Tobias (Regt. QM)..
.H. Wagner (Adj.)..

Company A, (Small's Company) Battery Officers
.Jacob Small (Capt.)..
.A. Lengnick (1Lt.)..
.J. Meitzler (1Lt.)..

Company C Officers
.T.D. Dotterer (1Lt.)..
.F. Von Santen (1Lt.)..
.W.H. Burn (2Lt.)..

Harm's Company Officers

German Artillery, Company B
.H. Harms (Capt.)..
.H. Klatte (1Lt.)..
.F. Melchers (1Lt.)..
.C.F. Hencken (2Lt.)..
.B. Meyerhoff (2Lt.)..
.J. Stelljes (2Lt.)..
. (Guidon)..

Parker's Company Officers

Marion Artillery
.E.L. Parker (Capt.)..
.Robert Murdoch (1Lt.)..
.J.P. Strohecker (1Lt.)..
.M.L Wilkins (2Lt.)..
.F.G. Ravenel (Bvt.2Lt.)..

Pope's Company Officers
.J.J. Pope Jr. (Capt.)..
.J.T. Kanapaux (1Lt.)..
.C.J. Macbeth (1Lt.)..
. J.W. Jones(2Lt.)..
. (Guidon)..

Tupper’s Artillery Battery Militia
Vigilant Rifles Artillery Battery

Battles and Stations of Tupper's Artillery or the Vigilant Rifles
DateBattle or CityLocationCommanding OfficerBrigadeDivisionCorps
Fall, 1861Unit Organized.Captain Samuel Y. Tupper...

This unit was called to active serve in 1861 and during the Carolina’s Campaign of 1865. In 1865, it served as part of Taliaferro’s Division in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Tupper's Company Officers
.J.P. Browne Jr (1Sgt.)..
. J.T. Humphries(Sgt.)..
. J.C. Saltus (Sgt.)..

Walter's Company Officers

Washington Artillery, Walter's Battery
.W.S. Henerey (Capt.)..
.G.H. Walter (Capt.)..
.G. Von Santen (1Lt.)..
.James Salvo (2Lt.)..
.Wm. G. Whilden (3Lt.)..

Werner's Company Officers

German Artillery, Company A
.D. Werner (Capt.)..
.F.W. Wagener (1Lt.)..
.J.D. Lesemann (1Lt.)..
.G.H. Lindstedt (1Lt.)..
.J. Mehtrens (2Lt.)..
.N. Bischoff (Bvt.2Lt.)..

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