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South Carolina Cavalry
Fifth South Carolina Cavalry Regiment

Two flags associated with the Fifth S.C. Cavalry survive, one is located in the Charleston Museum and the second in the Confederate Relic Room in Columbia. The flag of the South Carolina Rangers, Company D, Fifth Cavalry, is also located in the Charleston Museum. The flag of the St. James Mounted Riflemen is located in the S.C. State Museum in Columbia, S.C. Dedmondt, Glenn, The Flags of Civil War South Carolina, ISBN NUMBER 1-56554-696-2

Citadel Flag by Marilyn

Fifth South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Butler's Cavalry Brigade

Army of Northern Virginia Defense of South Carolina


Served in the West
Promoted to Brigadier 6/63
Promotion to Major General Blocked By Wheeler
Never took the field, R.J. Jeffords commanded until Dunovant's arrival.

Promoted to Brigadier 8/64
Killed in Action, Vaughn Road, 8/64


Conflicting reports of rank and position, Krick




H.M. Faust (Asst. Surg.)
T.S. Thompson (Surg.)

Samuel Wragg Ferguson was appointed colonel of the regiment at its formation in January 1863, but never joined the regiment. Instead, Lt. Col. Robert Josiah Jeffords served as temporary commander until Col. John Dunovant was given permanent command in July 1863. Following Dunovant's promotion to brigadier general in August 1864, Jeffords resumed command as a lieutenant colonel until his death at Burgess' Mill on 27 Oct 1864. Thereafter, Zimmerman Davis commanded the regiment as a captain until the end of the war (the regimental major and two of the three captains senior to him had been wounded and placed on furlough, and the other senior captain had resigned.) Late in the war, Davis was apparently given a "battle field" promotion to colonel, but it was never officially recognized, although he always used the title in later years. Captain John C. Edwards of Co. A received a similar unofficial promotion to lieutenant colonel.*

Theodore Alexander Jeffords (younger brother of Lt. Col. Robert J. Jefford's)
Also served as Regmimental Adjutant
Recorded in D Company)
.David Dantzler (1Lt.)..
.H.M. Miller (2Lt.)..
.W.F. Smoak (Bvt2Lt.)..
. W.W. Wanamaker (Lt.)..
.T.P. Evans (1Sgt)..
.D.R. Felder (Comsy.)..
.P.F. Buckner (1Lt.)..
.Leonard Chapin (1Lt.)..
.J.T. Foster (2Lt.)..
.Nicholas Langford (2Lt.)..
.A.J. Harrison (Bvt2Lt.)..
.E.C. Green(RegtQM)..
.J.A. Quackenbush(Comsy.Sgt)..
CWheeler G. SmithCOLLETONBeech Hill Rangers
.J.E. Larisey (1Lt.)..
.G.W. Raysor (2Lt.)..
.R.A. Willis (Bvt2Lt.)..
.John Black (1Sgt)..
.B.G. Willis (1Sgt)..
.Zimmerman Davis..
.J.P. De Veaux Jr. (2Lt.)..
.G.H. Smith (2Lt.)..
.T.A. Jeffords (Adj.)..
.V.C. Dibble(Sgt.Major)..
.J.D. Browne (1Sgt)..
.A.E. Gadsden Jr.(QMSgt.)..
.J.P. Browne Jr.(OrdSgt.)..
.M. McInnis (Far.)..
.J.E. Cook (Saddler)..
.A.B. Cunningham (Bugler)..
.M.A.Westendorff (Bugler)..
E*Louis Augustus WhildenCHARLESTONSt. James Mounted Riflemen
.William Capers Venning..
.Elias Venning (1Lt.)..
.James Anderson (2Lt.)..
.J.L. Inglesby (Bvt2Lt.)..
.Nelson Bryan (Far)..
.R.K. Axson (Bugler)..
FAugustus Henry CaughmanLEXINGTON.
.Patrick Henry Caughman (1Lt.) from LADR213@aol.com
Service of Record Lt.
.J.S. Roberts (3Lt.)..
.Wm. L. Disher..
.T.W. Easterling (1Lt.)..
.H.C. Lancaster (2Lt.)..
.John McCants (2Lt.)..
.T.H. Mims (2Lt.)..
.H.H. Murray (2Lt.)..
.D.T. Ferrell (1Sgt)..
.D.B. Owens (Bugler)..
HRichard M. SkinnerSUMTERSantee Guerrillas
.Edward Manly Bradham..
.Wm. Nettles..
.J.C. Bethune (1Lt.)..
.F.M. Rhame (2Lt.)..
. J.D. Skinner (Bvt2Lt.)..
.Wm. Lesene (1Sgt)..
.James W. Reed
Commanded unit as Company D, 14th Battalion
.E. Brooker (1Lt.)..
.John Whetstone (2Lt.)..
.M.J. Rice (Bvt2Lt.)..
.A.P. Gue (3Lt.)..
.J.C. Fanning (1Sgt)..
.C.T. Dowling (Bugler)..
.F.H. Bates (1Lt.)..
.E. Moore (1Lt.)..
.B. Richards (2Lt.)..
.R.W. Gilliam (3Lt.)..
.J.E. Hamm (1Sgt)..

* I am grateful for the help of Fred Knudsen of Columbia for additional information about this unit. LFKJR@aol.com. Thanks for all your help, Steve

For Additional Reading:

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Battles and Stations, The Fifth S.C. Cavalry Regiment
DateBattle or CityLocationCommanding OfficerBrigadeDivisionCorps
1/63Unit OrganizedCoast of S.C.Col. Samuel Ferguson..Dept. of S.C., Ga., and Fla.
6/30/63Grimball's LandingJames IslandCol. John Dunovant..Dept. of S.C., Ga., and Fla.
5/10-64*Chester Station.Zimmerman DavisDunovant's BrigadeButler's DivsionHampton's Corps
5/64*Opertaions South of the James
Elements involved in Charles City, Swift Creek, Drewry's Bluff, South Side
.Zimmerman DavisDunovant's BrigadeButler's DivsionHampton's Corps
5/23-5/26-64North Anna River.Zimmerman DavisDunovant's BrigadeButler's DivsionHampton's Corps
5/28/64Hawes Shop.Zimmerman DavisDunovant's BrigadeButlerís DivisionHamptonís Corps
6/1-6/3-64Cold Harbor.Zimmerman DavisDunovant's Brigade Butler's DivisionHamptonís Corps
6/11-6/12-64*Trevilian Station.Zimmerman DavisDunovant's BrigadeButler's DivsionHampton's Corps
6/64-4/65Petersburg.Zimmerman DavisDunovant's BrigadeButler's DivisionHampton's Corps
10/1/64Vaughan Road.Zimmerman DavisDunovant Brigade (Dunovant is Killed)Butlerís DivsionHamptonís Corps
10/27/64Burgess Mill.Zimmerman Davis.Butlerís DivsionHamptonís Corps
2/65-4/65Carolinaís Campaign.Zimmerman DavisLoganís BrigadeButlerís DivisionHamptonís Command

*5th SC Cavalry provided the escort to General Joseph E. Johnson when he went to discuss surrender terms with MG William T. Sherman at the William Bennett Farm near Durham, NC, on 17 Apr 1865

The Fifth S.C. Cavalry Regiment, Battles and Stations, Provided by Fred Knudsen

DateBattle or CityElements Involved
6/62Hutchinson's Island, S.C.17th Battalion
7/9/62Pinckney Island, S.C.14th Battalion, detachment of
8/21/62Pinckney Island, S.C.14th Battalion, detachment of
10/22-1023-62/62Coosawhatchie, Pocotaligo14th Battalion
7/16/63Grimball's Landing (Secessionville)Four Companies
5/10/64Chester Station, Va.Fifth S.C. Cavalry
5/12/64Swift Creek, Va.Fifth Cavalry
5/16/64Drewry's Bluff, Va.Fifth Cavalry
5/17/64Atkinson's FarmFifth Cavalry
5/18/64South Side, Va.Fifth Cavalry
5/24/64Charles City C.H. (Wilson's Wharf, Va.Fifth Cavalry
5/28/64Haws' Shop (Price's Farm), Va.Fifth Cavalry
5/29/64Atlee's Station, Va.Fifth Cavalry
5/30/64Cold Harbor (Mattadaquin Creek), Va.Fifth Cavalry
6/11/64-6/12/64Trevilian Station,Va.Fifth Cavalry
6/20/64-6/21/64White House, Va.Fifth Cavalry
6/24/64Nance's Shop (Samaria Church)Fifth Cavalry
6/29/64Stoney Creek (Sappony Church), Va.Fifth Cavalry
8/23/64Gravelly Run (Ream's Station)Fifth Cavalry
9/29/64Wyatt's Farm, Va.Fifth Cavalry
10/01/64Vaughan Road (McDowell's) Va.Fifth Cavalry
12/1/64Stoney Creek, Va.Fifth Cavalry
3/10/65Monroe's Crossroads (Kilpatrick's Cavalry Camp), N.C.Fifth Cavalry
3/16/65Averasborough, N.C. (1)Fifth Cavalry
3/19/65-3/21/65Bentonville, N.C.Fifth Cavalry

* I am grateful for the help of Fred Knudsen of Columbia for the more correct engagement list of this unit.

(1) Thanks to Fred again, Brooks states that Butler's Brigade did not participate in this battle.

Fred Knudson's wonderful page on the Fifth S.C. Cavalry Fifth S.C. CavalryArmy of Northern Virginia.Brief History and Full Rosters
Papers relating to Zimmerman Davis wife Fifth S.C. CavalryArmy of Northern VirginiaDescription of papers and letters of Watson Family University of South Carolina
York County in the Civil War.Company K,Fifth S.C. CavalryArmy of Northern Virginia.Roxsanne Wells-Layton has developed and maintains this great site.

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