Seventeenth South Carolina Infantry Regiment

Citadel Flag by Marilyn

Seventeenth South Carolina Infantry Regiment
(Evans', Elliott's, Walker's, Wallace's, Brigade)
(Tramp Brigade)
Defense of Charleston Harbor
Army of Northern Virginia
Army of Tennessee


Killed in Action, Second Manassas

Wounded at Second Manassas
Captured at Petersburg

Wounded at Second Manassas
Wounded and Captured at Five Forks




AJohn R. Culp, Capt., promoted Maj.RICHLAND/CHESTER.
.W.H. Edwards, Capt...
.George C. Gill, 1st Lt., r 4/17/1862..
. Joseph Nunnery, 1st Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
. James W. Conner, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
.John Waters, 2nd Lt., died 8/31/1862..
. R.A. Ferguson, 2nd Lt...
. W.W. Neely, 2nd Lt...
BW.P. Coleman, died 1/31/1863FAIRFIELDLYLE'S RIFLES
.N.A. Burley, Capt...
.W.P. Taylor, 1st Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
. B.F. Coleman, 1st Lt., died 10/28/1862..
.A.J. McConnell, 1st Lt., killed 7/30/1864..
.J.A.F. Coleman, 1st Lt...
. J.W. Parnell, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
. A.C. Feaster, 2nd Lt., r. 3/28/1862..
.R.E. Stanton, 2nd Lt., died 10/28/1862..
. S.R. Fant, 2nd Lt., promoted to Adj...
CJohn A. Witherspoon, Capt., died 10/19/1862YORKBROAD RIVER LIGHT INFANTRY
.John W. Mitchell, Capt. R. 2/4/1864..
.William Dunovant, Capt., retired 1/4/1865 ..
.William H. Moore, Capt., dismissed 10/1/1862 as 2nd Lt...
.F.W. Moore, 1st Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
. D.J. Young, 1st Lt., died 8/30/1862..
. James G. Dover, 1st Lt., r. 4/1/1864..
. Henry Pratt, 1st Lt., killed 7/30/1864..
.J.W.A. Hartness, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
. John C. Sanders, 2nd Lt...
.John M. Morrow, 2nd Lt...
DW.G. Stevenson, Capt.CHESTER.
.James Beaty, Capt. A.Q.M...
.Thomas P. Carlisle, 1st Lt...
.O.R. Brown, 2nd Lt., r 2/9/1863..
. Eli Cornwell, 2nd Lt...
EThomas B. Meacham, Capt. Dropped 4/28/1862FORT MILL/YORKINDIAN LAND TIGERS
. John C. Holley, Capt., died 6/18/1862..
.Edward R. Mills, Capt., retired 1/21/1865..
.Elijah H. Cherry, Capt...
.E.M. Neely, 1st Lt., r. 3/9/1864..
.J.R. Moss, 1st Lt...
. W.L.Robertson, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
. Edward T. Avery, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
. G.C. Truesdell, 2nd Lt...
.William B. Wilson, Capt...
.Eli P. Moore, Capt...
.J.W. Avery, 1st Lt. ..
. David J. Logan, 2nd Lt., died 6/18/1864..
.R.H. Whisonant, 3rd Lt...
GGeorge H. Kearse, CaptBARNWELL.
.William J. Dickinson, Capt., retired 8/3/1864..
.H.J. Kearse, Capt., dropped 4/28/1862..
.Martin H. Roat, 1st Lt...
.R.C. Brabham, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
. Josiah Dickinson, 2nd Lt...
HWilliam T. Sanders, Capt., dropped 4/28/1862BARNWELL.
.H.M. Ray, Capt. ..
.James J. Creech, 2nd Lt...
.H. Martin Ulmer, Capt...
. David H. Rice, 1st Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
.S.G. Ray, 1st Lt., killed 8/30/1862..
.James B. Boynton, 1st Lt...
.B.W.T. Nix, 2nd Lt., died 10/25/1862..
.William H. Nevils, 2nd Lt...
.J.D. Caskey, Capt., dropped 4/28/1862..
.James F. Steele, Capt...
. A.S. Nesbit, 1st Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
. W.H. Faulkner, 1st Lt., died 4/30/1862..
.William Huton, 1st Lt., r. 3/15/1864..
.Minus M. Culp, 1st Lt...
.H.J. Hancock, 1st Lt., r. 1/13/1863..
.D.W. Ogburn, 2nd Lt., r. 3/12/1864..
.J.T. Latham (Lathan), 2nd Lt.
Thanks, Bill
KLucian P. Sadler, Capt., dropped 4/28/1862YORKLACY GUARDS
. Edward A. Crawford, Capt...
. J. Milton Wallace, 1st Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
. Samuel M. Wylie, 1st Lt...
. Zan D. Burris, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
.George R. Burris, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862..
.James T. Summerford, 2nd Lt...
. Joseph W. Neil, 2nd Lt...

* Thanks to Roxsanne Wells-Layton, for her kind help. Roxsanne has developed and maintains this site, York County in the Civil War, do not miss it. She has provided all the Company officers for the 17th shown here. There are a number of sources, including the OR. Keep your fingers crossed that she will put up some pages on the Evans' Brigade.

For Additional Reading:

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Seventeenth S.C. Vols. Infantry
DateBattle or CityLocationCommanding OfficerBrigadeDivisionCorps
Early 1862CharlestonUnit OrganizedCol. J.H. Means...
5/29/62PocotaligoUnit not hevily engagedCol. J.H. Means...
6/8-6/9-62John's Island.Col. J.H. MeansEvan's Brigade.Dept. of S.C., Ga., Fla.
8/6/62Occupation of Malvern Hill.Col. J.H. MeansEvan's BrigadeIndependentFirst Corps
8/23/62Rappahannock Station.Col. J.H. MeansEvan's BrigadeIndependentFirst Corps
08/29-8/30-62Second ManassasChinn HouseCol J.H. Means/KEvans' BrigadeIndependantFirst Corps
...Lt. Col. F.W. McMaster...
09/14/62Boonsboro.Lt. Col F.W. McMasterEvans' BrigadeIndependantFirst Corps
09/17/62SharpsburgCenterCol. F.W. McMasterEvans' BrigadeHoodís DivisionLongstreetís Corp
12/31/62Kinston/GoldsbourghNorth CarolinaCol. F.W. McMasterEvans' BrigadeMajor General Samuel French, Dept. of N.C./PetersburgMajor General Gustavus W. Smith, Dept. of N.C. and Southern Virginia
4/63South Carolina.Col. F.W. McMaster..Dept. of S.C., Ga., and Fla.
5/25/63Move to Mississippi.Col. F.W. McMasterEvans' BrigadeLorningís Division.
7/12/63Jackson, MississippiMississippiCol.F.W. McMasterEvansí BrigadeFrenchís DivisionBreckinridgeís Corps
08/10/63Savannah, Ga..Col. F.W. McMasterEvans' Brigade.Dept. of S.C., Ga., and Fla.
9/07/63Charleston, S.C.* .Col. F.W. McMasterEvans' Brigade.Dept. of S.C., Ga., and Fla.
5/64Wilmington.Col. F.W. McMasterWalkerís BrigadeHokeís DivisionW.H.C. Whiting (Third Military District, N.C.)
5/64Virginia.Col. F.W. McMasterWalkerís BrigadeHokeís DivisionBeauregardís Command
5/17-6/16-64Bermuda Hundreds.Col. F.W. McMasterWalkerís BrigadeHokeís/Johnson's DivisionBeauregardís Command
5/20/64Hewlettís Farm/ Ware Bottom Church Bermuda Hundred Col. F.W. McMaster Walkerís Brigade, General Walker Wounded and Captured Johnson's DivisionBeauregard's Command
....Col. F.W. McMaster..
5/28/64Stephen Elliott takes command of Brigade.Col. F.W. McMasterElliott's BrigadeJohnsonís DivsionBeauregardís Command
7/30/64The Crater.Major J.R. CulpElliottís Brigade, General Stephen Elliott WoundedJohnsonís DivisionBeauregardís Command
..Col.Wm. Wallace..
8/64Petersburg. Col. F.W. McMaster/C Wallaceís Brigade Johnsonís DivisionBeauregardís Command
...Major J.R. Culp...
9/20/64Wm. H. Wallace promoted to General.Major J.R. CulpWallaceís BrigadeJohnsonís DivisionBeauregardís Command
3/25/64Fort Steedman.Major J.R. CulpWallaceís BrigadeJohnsonís Division Fourth or Andersonís Corps
3/29/64Battle of Lewis Farm.Major J.R. CulpWallaceís BrigadeJohnsonís Division Fourth or Andersonís Corps
3/31/65Gravelly Run.Major J.R. CulpWallaceís BrigadeJohnsonís DivisionPickettís Mobile Force
4/1/65Five Forks.Major J.R. Culp/CWallace's BrigadeJohnson's DivisionPickettís Mobile Force
4/6/65Saylerís Creek.Capt. E.A. CrawfordWallace's BrigadeJohnsonís DivisionFourth or Andersonís Corps
04/09/65Appomattox.Capt. E.A. CrawfordWallace's BrigadeJohnsonís DivisionFourth or Andersonís Corps

*At this time serious efforts begin to separate units of the Evans' Brigade. They are moved to different districts and the 18th goes to Florida. Evans is brought forward on charges and the matter proceeds to Richmond for the eye of the President. Eventually the Brigade minus the MacBeth Artillery will be brought back together in Wilmington under new command. One of the most difficult issues is the continuing disagreement between the Colonels of the command and Evans. It reflects poorly on all involved and probably cost McMasterís and Bendow the most. Bendow is a distinguished soldier and probably would have achieved Generalís rank anywhere but where he found himself. McMasterís was also well loved and a more than adequate commander. S.D. Goodlett, another Colonel, was cashiered at Kinston which was the beginning of the open warfare between the Colonels and General Evans.

Letters of Wm. L. Faulkner,, Company I, Seventeenth South Carolina Infantry .Evansí Brigade, Tracks Movement until Mid 1864 Ė Author Died at HellmiraWm. L. Faulkner Papers University of South Carolina (2001)
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