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The Eve of Destruction

The year is 1859, the place is Greenville, South Carolina. An invitation has been issued for the popular Chick Springs Resort. You too are invited because of the thoughtfulness of Maureen Pond.

Complimentary Ball

To The

Butler Guards

The pleasure of your company is respectfully solicited at Chick's Springs, on Friday Evening, the 17th inst. at 8 o'clock.

J.T. Henery, Proprietor

The following gentlemen will act as


H.L. Thruston
A.D. Hoke
A. Isaacs
R.C. Pulliam
A. McBee
C.T. Hammond
Wm. P. McBee
A.S. Duncan

Chick Springs, June 6, 1859

Dear Steve,

I am Demarcus Roland Poole and Wade Hampton Pool's descendant. My grandmother, Eva May Poole was the daughter of Wade Hampton Pool and his Poole cousin, Elizabeth Benson Poole. "Lizzie" was the daughter of Mary Newby and Demarcus Roland Poole of Traveler's Rest SC.

Both Demarcus and Wade Hampton Poole/P'Pool/Pettypool descend from Seth Pettypool and Mary Wood. Their two sons Young and William are my ancestors.

A few years ago, my father gave me Wade Hampton P'Pool's bible. Tucked inside was a delicate ivory invitation to a ball. I thought you might like to see it and share it with the visitors on your site.

Also tucked inside this bible is a little scrap of brown paper, showing a three day pass for W. H. P'Pool. I am including it, as well.

I also have a photograph of Lizzie and her son, Wade Hampton Pool, ca 1910--as she left for the Pacific NW with her young family. Her husband had died in 1898 and when given the opportunity, she sold her share of Poole land in Greenville and moved to South Bend, WA to be close to her brothers--then working on the Railroad.

Thanks for your wonderful site. I've enjoyed it very much.

Best regards, Maureen Mead

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Camp Chandler
January 16, 1865

W.H. Poole has leave of absence until
Wednesday the 18th by order of Capt. W.H. Goodlett.
Commanding Detail.

E.N. Coleman
Lieut. Comd Co