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Lt. Esley Bates

Company G
Sixteenth South Carolina

Bates, Esley H. (Easley)
Promoted from First Sergeant-12/12/61(MR)
Promoted Lt.-5/62
First Lt.(MR)
Detached by General Walker
General Pillow-9/12/63(CSR)
Hospital Meridian, Mississippi

Esley Hunt Bates was born on 25 Dec 1837 in Greenville, SC. He died on 3 Jul 1892 in Pickens Co., SC.

Esley married Mary Jane Burdine, and they had two children, Ida and Fannie Bates.

Esley Bates was the son of:
William M. Bates
Born: February 8, 1795
Died: May 18, 1850
Married: Jane Hunt
Born: September, 11, 1801
Died: May 6, 1862
Children: Esley H. Bates


Lt. Bates as he appeared in the Wallace House photo at right.

Masonic Honors of Lt. Bates

1868 - Member Ebenezer Lodge 101, Marietta
1868 - Senior Grand Deacon, S.C. Grand Lodge
1872-1874 - Master - Keowee Lodge, Pickens, S.C.
1875 - Master - Bates Lodge, Easley, S.C.
1876 - See 1875
1877 - See 1875
1880 - See 1875
1883 - See 1875

Other Honors:

1876 - South Carolina House of Representatives.
1879-1872 - Church Clerk, Cross Roads Baptist Church

Acknowledgments: Janette Bryant, Bates Lodge, Easley, South Carolina and Howard Gillison.

Lt. Bates as Master of Bates Lodge, Easley, South Carolina


The Wallace House or The Redshirt House
Click the photo to learn more about the Redshirts

Lt. Bates was elected to the South Carolina State House of Representative during the Redshirt movement of 1876. Bates was a very active voice in the return of home rule to South Carolina.


Bates Lodge A.F.M.
Easley, South Carolina

In the early days of Easley, the Masonic lodge hall was upatairs over the Smith drug store, now Frierson's drug store. Pictured front row from left: Mart Couch, Marion Day, Elias Day, Squire Barton, Mr. Glazener, Mr. Cureton, Mr. Pickens, Chief Smith, John Jamieson, Ernest Hamilton, Walker Ford, Lawrence O'Dell and Captain Hudgens: Second row from let Gransy Satterfield, John Sitton, Tera Bowie, Andy Hamilton, Mr. Langston, Mr. Galger, Mr. Holcombe, Laban Mauldin, Dr. Russell, and L.J. Smith.

Photo maybe found in the Pickens County Historical Museum and
Bates Lodge A.F.M., Easley, S.C.