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South Carolina
"all is peacible and quiet"
South Carolina

Lt. R.T. Benson
Company D and G
Sixteenth South Carolina

Music by Dayle K.

Camp Maloney Adams run, S.C.
Feb the 25th, 1863

Mrs S.A. Benson

Sallie I now avail myself of this opportunity of wrighting you a few lines to inform you that I am well and hearty and I hope these lines will com to hand safe and find you enjoying the best of health and all the family. I received a leter from you on yesterday bearing date of 19th I aught to have got it on Saturday, I was hapy to learn through yours was all well and allso to hear that father had got home safe and sound. I hope that he will get to stay there to, I would like to be up there now myself for I know it would seeem

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more like home now than it did when I was up the last I want to sea the children very bad I know that I could have some fun with George now (George Franklin Benson, Born: 6/23/60) Sarah there is no news all is peacible and quiet I rote to F.P. Bates last week I have wrote to him several time since I came in to service and I have never received a leter from him soon allso I would like to hear from you as often a convenient nothing more at present but remain your afectionate husband untill Death.

R.T. Benson to Mrs. S.A. Benson, wright soon….

"all is peacible and quiet..."

Thanks to Randy Hawkins for providing the Benson letters

The Sixteenth has now returned to the S.C. coast from its sojourn in North Carolina. Private Benson, grandpa, is no longer needed and for the moment the specter of coordinated invasion by the enemy is past. Thoughts turn, as they always do at such times, to home and hearth. A simple affirmation that I still think of you and find value there. Perhaps that is the most important affirmation of all and one that reaches beyond time and space to touch and warm the heart, even a century away. For we all seek the new, but define self within the old.

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