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South Carolina
"The Garden of Stone"

"This Hallowed Ground"

Section Nine
South Carolina

Emblems of Southern Valor, The Battle Flags of the Confederacy Joseph H. Crute, Jr. Illustrations by Roland N. Stock ISBN# 1-56013-001-6.

Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery in Forsyth Co., Ga.

James Garvin Barton
Service of Record, Company A, Sixteenth, S.C.

Highland Baptist Church, Highland, S.C.

Kinion Ballew, 1841-1902, Service of Record, Private, Company D

Thomas Barton, 1832-1923, Service of Record, Private, Company D

W.M. Ross, 1843-1928, Service of Record, Private, Company F

Dennis Pittman, 1823-1910, Service of Record, Private, Company D

Harris Pittman, 1843-1928, Service of Record, Private, Company D

Tyger Baptist Church, Tigerville, S.C.
This is one of the most amazing churchyards in Greenville County. You may start on one side of the knoll with men who served in the Continental Line and proceed up to the men of the C.S.A. and down to the men of Vietnam. It is a microcosm of the price that was paid to become what we are today. J.M. Evins, who is buried here, may or may not be the James Evans of the Sixteenth. G.J. Southern is probably the J.G. Southern of the Sixteenth and a second W.P. Bates is buried in the Bates Family Cemetery. There is no question concerning Lt. Turner. Other possible members of the Sixteenth include J. Barton.

W.P. Bates, 1830-1900, Service of Record, Private, Company G

G.J. Southern, 1822-1914, Service of Record, Private, Company H,

S.P. Turner (Simeon), Service of Record Lt., Company H

Marietta Baptist Cemetery
Slater, S.C.
Final resting place of Joab Langford, brother W.H. Langford rests at Ebenezer Baptist. A younger brother, J.H. is also buried in this cemetery.

Resting place of Joab Langford, Private, Company G.

Jackson Grove Methodist
Travelers Rest, S.C.

Jas. A. Freeman
Born December 12, 1828
Age 45 years
Photo by KOH

Mount Lebanon Baptist Church

Jas. K. Polk Odam
Dec. 18, 1846
Mar. 27, 1926
Having finished life’s duty
He now sweetly rests

Photo by Mel

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