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South Carolina
"The Garden of Stone"

"This Hallowed Ground"

Section Four
South Carolina

Emblems of Southern Valor, The Battle Flags of the Confederacy Joseph H. Crute, Jr. Illustrations by Roland N. Stock ISBN# 1-56013-001-6.

Christ Church Episcopal, Greenville, South Carolina

Major Theodore Gaillard Croft, Son of Randall Croft and Charlotte Jenkins Croft, Born 10/12/44, Died 7/28/76, (Service of Record, Captain, Company C, Aged 17, Major, 16th South Carolina)
Randell Croft, M.D., Captain, C.S.A. 8/23/08, 2/3/69, (Service of Record, Captain, Company C)
Dr. Theodore Gaillard Croft, Born Charleston, Born 2/21/12, Died 2/8/70, (Service of Record, None)

Issac A. Gridley, 3/8/1836, 8/23/1878 (Service of Record, Lt. Company A, Wounded Atlanta and Franklin)
W.C. Cleveland, Company K, Sixteenth South Carolina (Service of Record Lt. Company K)
Lt. James Josiah David, who fell mortally wounded before Atlanta, July 22, 1864, aged 21 years, 11 mos., 6 days (Service of Record, Lt. Company D)

Dr. R.T. Thruston, Born 12/19/34, Died 2/11/07, (Service of Record, Surgeon, Sixteenth South Carolina)
Joseph Manning Austin, Captain, First Company, 16th S.C.V., youngest son of Dr. W.L.M. and E.A. Austin, 7/28/62, Aged 22 years. (Service of Record, Captain, Company A)
Frank Smith, Company A, Sixteenth S.C.V. (Service of Record, Private, Company A.)

P.B. Burnham, Company K, Sixteenth South Carolina (Service of Record, Lt. Company K)
Dr. R. Burnham, Sixteenth South Carolina (Service of Record, Assistant Surgeon, Sixteenth S.C.)
David T. Knight, Private, Company I, 16th S.C.V., (Service of Record, Private, Company I)

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