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South Carolina
"The Garden of Stone"

"This Hallowed Ground"

Section Three
South Carolina

Emblems of Southern Valor, The Battle Flags of the Confederacy Joseph H. Crute, Jr. Illustrations by Roland N. Stock ISBN# 1-56013-001-6.

Fairview Presbyterian Church, Fountain Inn, South Carolina

J.M. Thackston, Born 10/16/42, Died 11/29/10. (Service of Record, Private, Company A)
Newton Babb, June 18,1830, Died in Hospital in 1863. (Service of Record, Captain, Company I)
In memory of Sam McKittrick who fell at Atlanta double panoplied, 7/23/64, C.S.A. (Service of Record, Captain, Company I)

James S. Peden
Son of Robert and Jane Peden who fell mortally wounded in battle near Atlanta on 22nd of July 1864. (Service of Record, Private, Company I)
Thomas C. Peden, Born 10/29/37, Died 5/11/85, Life's duties done, Rest in Peace. (Service of Record, Private, Company I)
J. "Mc" Peden, July 27, 1821, July 25, 1891. (Service of Record listed as John McPeden and as John McPedey at Surrender, Corporal, Company I)

North Fork Baptist Church, North Fork of the Saluda
In the Shadow of Glassy Mountain

D.H. Brookshire, Born April 11, 1833, Died April 7, 1911. (Service of Record, Private, Company H, Palmetto Light)
Captain Davis Hodges, Born April 20, 1825, Died January 4, 1910. (Service of Record, Captain, Company H)
J.A. Burrell, Born June 11, 1843, Died November 20, 1913. (Service of Record, Private, Company H)

John H. Humphries, Died 5/25/1870, Aged 31 years, 8 months, 24 days. (Service of Record, Lt. Company H)

Cross Plains Baptist Church, In the Shadow of Glassy Mountain

Fork Shoals Baptist Church, Fork Shoals, S.C.

Welcome Baptist Church, Welcome Community, S.C.

Glassy Mountain Baptist Church, Under the Rock at Glassy

Alfred A. Stewart, Born November 11, 1827, Died, July 22, 1906. (Service of Record, Lt., Company H)
B.V. Thompson, Born December 17, 1833, Died January 4, 1890.(Service of Record, Lt., Company E)
W.D. Garrison, Born January 20, 1839, Died April 30, 1907, Son of Mahala Watson and John Charles Garrison, Lieutenant, Company B, Sixteenth South Carolina, Hampton Legion, C.S.A. (Service of Record, Lt., Company B)

James Barnett, Born 12/27/1822, Died 12/13/1890, (Service of Record, Captain, Company H)

Unity Baptist Church, Simpsonville, South Carolina

John Garrett, 1846, 9/6/11, (Service of Record, Private, Company B)
G.W. Richardson (Service of Record, Lt., Company A)

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