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South Carolina
"The Garden of Stone"

"This Hallowed Ground"

"Section XI"

Far, Far, from Home
South Carolina

Emblems of Southern Valor, The Battle Flags of the Confederacy Joseph H. Crute, Jr. Illustrations by Roland N. Stock ISBN# 1-56013-001-6.

Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee
The grave of F.J. Barton, Private Company D and George R. Fowler, Company I are at Mt. Olivet, but I could not locate them. This is probably an oversight on my part, those who know me, know I make them. Most of these graves were relocated from Nashville City Cemetery to Mt. Olivet. Our thanks to Tim Burgess for his unrelenting campaign to save and record the Confederate burials in Nashville.

Confederate Memorial, Confederate Circle, Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee.

Home to both known and unknown Confederate dead, buried in Nashville. There is at least one Tennessee Confederate in the National Cemetery.

T.H. Benson, Private, Company K, Died 3/10/64

James H. Grogan, Private Company F, Died of Wounds from Franklin, 2/23/65

Eli Henderson, Private, Company B, Died of Wounds from Franklin, 4/5/65

William J. Hamby, Private, Company B, Died of Wounds from Franklin, 3/20/65

James T. Smith, Company E

Brackin Tinsley, Private, Company G, Died of Wounds from Franklin

Mcgavock Cemetery
Franklin, Tennessee

The South Carolina Monument at McGavock
The Monument to the unknown who were associated with no particular state.
The South Carolina Section at McGavock
(Note the golf course next door, this is why we must support these institutions. These men have moved enough and paid enough.)

Section 86
From left to right, two stones are missing
Lt. Col. Jessie Jones, 24th
(Body is elsewhere, see Jones book, Enlisted for the War)
Lt. T.J. Bostick, I, 10th
Capt J.M. Smith, E, 16th
W.S. Smith, F, 16th
W.D. Store, I, 19th
Lt. Wm. Jay, H, 19th
Section 85
From the foreground
Lt. A. Gailey, F, 24th
W.E. Roberts, C, 16th
J.A. Jones, B, 24th
A.O. Evans, C, 16th
C.H. Duncan, K, 16th
John Lewis, M, 10th
Unknown, S.C.
J.C. Arnold, Ensign, (F&S or Company E) 16th
J.J. Page, D, 16th
William Knight, I, 16th
G.M. White, I, 16th
Asa Foriester, I, 16th
Lt. W.C. Burdine, C, 16th
J.W. Green, C, 16th
Lt. W.C. Burdine, C, 16th
Section 84
From the foreground
J.F. Hunt, C, 16th
Wilson S. Brown, A, 16th
Lt. Rose, (William, F&S) 16th
N.Y. Batson, G, 16th (H.Y.)
Ellis Hall, G, 16th
Henry Grogan, S.C. (16th
H. Carson, D, 16th
W. Carson, D, 16th
L.C. Dill, D, 16th
Sgt. J.L. Williams, A, 16th
Wm. O. Satterfield, S.C., (Company K, 16th)
T. Taylor, F, 24th
P.H. Prost, F, 24th
J.L. Boid, H, 24th
C. Garrie, E, 24th
Section 83
From the foreground
W.M. Gunnel, E (F&S), 16th
E. Chapman, E, 16th
W.H. Cremer, E, 16th, (Creamer)
S.E. Henderson, E, 16th
J.F. Easterlin, South Carolina
J.D. Padgitt, I, 24th
J.A. Rockell, I, 24th
Danl. Walker, I, 24th
P.M. Thurmond I, 24th
R. Devon, 24th
James Taylor G, 24th
Sgt. W. Shulax, G, 24th
Unknown, S.C.
W.R. Davis, E, 16th
(Wesley K. Davis)
E. Shaw, 10th

Tennessee Section
Section 53, Grave 25
Thomas W. Cely
Company C, Sixteenth South Carolina
Died of Wounds, after the battle. He finds himself forever with his brothers from Tennessee, who were commanded by General Pat Cleburne on the Columbia Pike in November of 64. Not bad company for all eternity! He will probably flank them all and get to heaven first.

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