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South Carolina in the War Between the States

I will say to the north, Give up; (Isaiah 43:6)

Citadel Flag by Marilyn

June 12, 2002
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South Carolina in the War Between the States

Bibliography and History of South Carolina Units in the War Between the States

Links, This is a shared site with the Sixteenth South Carolina, so links will relate to both topics.

A note on Searching, keep it simple, looking for the First South Carolina Vols. Try First. Looking for Colonel B.B. Smith, Try Smith, You will get more than you want, but you will find what you want.


Understand that I am neither a professor nor an authority on this subject. Neither am I a computer wizard. These are my collective notes. Please help me correct them, if needed, and expand them. You are welcome to use them, but please know your sources and if you would, remember who has worked on them. If you use this information in a public way, or publish them without written permission, I will try to cause you a problem equal to the one you cause me. No lock made by man can defeat the determined thief, the only lock that holds fast is the one each man places on his own heart. Enjoy and Go with the peace and understanding that God will vindicate. Never forget this is both a curse and a promise, as well the south should know. Take a moment and stop by my home page or the 16th S.C home page and sign the guest book, your thoughts are most meaningful.

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Credit for research, photos, and documents goes to many institutions and people and is noted, none are more important than the sons and daughters of South Carolina who remember, and hold the past dear. If I have overlooked you or made an error, or forgotten to credit someone or thing, please let me know, it was not intentional. My thanks for all your help.

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