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Sixth South Carolina Infantry Regiment

One flag survives in the Confederate Relic Room, Columbia, S.C..
Dedmondt, Glenn, The Flags of Civil War South Carolina, ISBN NUMBER 1-56554-696-2

Citadel Flag by Marilyn

Sixth South Carolina Infantry Regiment
Combined with the Ninth S.C. Infantry in 1862.
(Andersonís, Jenkins, Walkerís Brattonís Brigade)


Promoted to General 3/62
Killed in Action, Cedar Mountain

Promoted to General 5/64
Wounded and Captured at Seven Pines

Promoted to General 5/64
Commander of the Hampton Legion Dismounted and Seventh S.C. Cav.
Commanded Sixth briefly in Tn.

Wounded at Seven Days and Second Manassas
Murdered during Reconstrucion (1/67)
Family states Steedman was murdered by former slaves at his home in search of money.

Dismissed during the 1862 Reorganization




R.B. Alston (Chap.)
J.G. Blount (ADJ/2Lt.)
W.E. Boggs (Chap.)
W.H. Cooper (Surg.)
A.Fairfax (Asst. Surg.)
J.M. Gaston (Surg.)
Joseph Martin (QM)
Harrison Owens (Hosp. Stew.)
James Fagan (Comsy.)
W.G. Robertson (Asst. Surg.)
John Stoney (Surg.)
Waddy Thompson (Surg.)
T.D. Whiteside (Asst. Surg.)

A $R.A. Crawford (1st)ChesterCalhoun Guards
.J.T. Walker (1st)..
.W.T.D. Cowsar (2nd)..
.G.L. Strait (2nd)..
. . ..
. J.L. Agurs (1Lt/ADJ)(1st)..
. E.M. Shannon (1Lt.) (1st)..
. B.J. Randall (2Lt.) (1st ) ..
. J.M. Woods (2Lt.) (1st ) ..
. J.A. Rader (SgtMaj) (1st ) ..
.R.M. Poag (1Sgt)(1st ) ..
.H.J. Stringfellow (1Sgt) (1st ) ..
. W.J. Lucas (Prin.Music.) (1st ) ..
. . ..
. J.C. McFadden(1Lt.) (2nd) ..
. J.A. Millen(1Lt.) (2nd) ..
.J.S. Drennan (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. W.N. Gaston (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. B.J. Randall (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. Wm. Wallace (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. I.N. Whiteside (1Sgt) (2nd) ..
. . ..
BIra Cromley (unk)Ft. Mill/York/Fairfield.
.W.T.D. Cowsar (1st)..
.B.P. Alston (2nd)..
.J.M. White (2nd)..
. . ..
. C.W. McFadden (1Lt.) (1st) ..
. J.C. McFadden (1Lt.) (1st) ..
. J.A. Millen (1Lt.) (1st) ..
. J.S. Drennon (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. W.N. Gaston (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. I.N. Whiteside (1Sgt) (1st) ..
. ...
. R.M. Sims (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
.J.G. Alston (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
.J.H. Stewart (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. W.J. Campbell (Lt.) (2nd) ..
. T.M. Wylie (Lt.) (2nd) ..
. J.F. Barron (1Sgt) (2nd) ..
. ...
CB.P.Alston (1st)Kershaw.
.John Bratton (1st)..
.W.B. Lyles (1st)..
.Edward B. Canty (2nd)..
.R.M. Canty (2nd)..
.S.B. Clowney (1Lt.) (1st) ..
. J.G. Alston (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. R.S. Means (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. B.W. Means (SgtMaj) (1st) ..
.J.R. Boulware (Asst. Surg.) (1st) ..
. H.A. Gallard (ADJ) (1st) ..
. H.W. Owens (Hosp.Stew.) (1st) ..
.A. Brevard (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
.H.W. De Sausure (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
. (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. (Bvt2Lt.) (2nd) ..
.J.P. Massebeau (Lt.) (2nd) ..
. J.A. McLeod(1Sgt) (2nd) ..
. A.A. Moore (1Sgt) (2nd) ..
. T.M. Whitaker (1Sgt) (2nd) ..
DJ.D.Cureton (1st).Black Mingo Rifles
.Wm. McCully (1st)..
.J.M. Phinney (1st)..
.J.N. Shedd (1st)..
.R.G. Lanham (2nd)..
.J.W. Walker (2nd)..
.W.P. Curry (1Lt.) (1st) ..
.J.M. Brice (2Lt.) (1st) ..
.J.C. Kitchen (2Lt.) (1st) ..
.T.M. McCants (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. J.R. Millen (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. Wm. Millen (1Sgt) (1st) ..
. C.T. Robinson (1Sgt) (1st) ..
. L.B. Kendrick (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
. C.J Pardue (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
. T.W. Brice (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. S.E. Mays (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. G.O. Walker (Bvt2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. W.W. Pollard (1Sgt) (2nd) ..
. I.B. Treadway (1Sgt) (2nd) ..
E*Obadiah Harden (1st)Darlington/SumterChester Guards
.C.W. Sanders (1st)..
.J.L. Coker (2nd)..
.W.J. McLeod (2nd)..
. W. Quattlebaum(Lt.) (Unk) ..
.J.W. Wilkes (1Lt.) (1nd) ..
.J.J. Anderson (2Lt.) (1st) ..
.A.P. Sanders (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. E.C. Wilkes (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. Wm. Brown (1Sgt) (1st) ..
.E.W. Cannon (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
.H.E.C. Fountain (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
. J.S. Doby (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. W.T. Norwood (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
.S.J. Nettles (1Sgt) (2nd) ..
F%$Dennis Colvin (1st)ChesterChester Blues
.Wm. McAiley (1st)..
.E.C. McLure (1st)..
.J.L. Gaston (1st)
Joseph Lucius Gaston
Killed at Seven Pines
.R.A. Crawford (2nd)..
.J.M. Moore (2nd)..
.O.A. Wylie (2nd)..
. E.T. Atkinson (1Lt.) (1st)..
. J.T. Elliott (1Lt.) (1st)..
. W.H. Gill (2Lt.) (1st)..
. T.A. Lipsey(2Lt.) (1st)..
. Eli Elliott (SgtMaj) (1st)..
. F.A. McNinch (1Sgt) (1st)..
. H.M. Lipford (Color Sgt.) (1st)..
. Paul Romare (QMSgt) (1st)..
. D.H. Wilson (OrdSgt) (1st)..
.S.E. Babcock (Asst. Surg.) (1st)..
.E.M. Shannon (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
.J.J. Anderson (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
.J.H. McDaniel (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. J.A. Rader (SgtMaj) (2nd) ..
.R.M. Poag (1Sgt) (2nd) ..
.J.J. Stringfellow (1Sgt) (2nd) ..
GJ.M. Moore (1st).Boyce Guards
.O.A. Wylie (1st)..
.B.P Alston (2nd)..
.J.D. Cureton (2nd)..
.Wm. McCully (2nd)..
.J.M. Phinney (2nd)..
.J.E. Johnston (1Lt.) (1st) ..
.W.A. Harvey (2Lt.) (1st) ..
.J.H. McDaniel (2Lt.) (1st) ..
.Wm. Wallace (2Lt.) (1st) ..
.J.R. Millen (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
. J.M. Brice (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
.J.C. Kitchen (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. (Bvt2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. Wm. Millen(1Sgt) (2nd) ..
. C.T. Robinson(1Sgt) (2nd) ..
.J.R. Boulware (Asst.Surg.) (2nd) ..
.H.W. Owens (Hosp. Stew.)..
HJ.W. White (1st)Fairfield/RichlandLittle River Guards/Buckhead Guards
.H.W. Dixon (2nd)..
.W.B. Lyles(2nd)..
.F. H. Weston(2nd)..
.J.S. Crosby (1Lt.) (1st) ..
.F.E. Moore (1Lt.) (1st)..
.Dennis Crosby (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. J.H. Stewart (2Lt.) (1st) ..
.W.J. Campbell (Lt.) (1st) ..
.J.F. Barron (1Sgt) (1st) ..
.A.H. Farr (1Sgt) (1st) ..
.R.C. Clowney (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
.S.B. Clowney (1Lt.) (2nd)..
.N.P. Lyles (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. T.P. Weston (1Sgt) (2nd) ..
IWm. D. Camp (1st)..
.Dennis Colvin(2nd)..
.J.M. Crosby(2nd)..
.W.S. McAiley (2nd)..
.C.P. Petty (1Lt.) (1st) ..
.Hugh Moore (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. J.P. Scrugs (2Lt.) (1st) ..
. H.H. Wright (2Lt.) (1st) ..
.G.B. Culp (1Sgt) (1st) ..
. W.L. Lipscombe (1Sgt) (1st) ..
.J.T. Elliott (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
.T.A. Lipsey (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. F.A. Mcninch(1Sgt) (2nd) ..
.H.M. Lipford (ColorSgt) (2nd) ..
KS.D. Goodlett(1st)Pickens.
.J.N. Southern(1st)..
.W.S. Brand(2nd)..
.M.N. Cunningham (1Lt.) (1nd) ..
.W.P. Curry(1Lt.) (1nd) ..
.J.F. Goodlett (2Lt.) (1nd) ..
.W.P. Sudduth (2Lt.) (1nd) ..
.F.M. Farr (Cadet) (1nd) ..
.Ransom Foster (1Sgt) (1nd) ..
. (1Sgt) (1nd) ..
. R.A. Flagler (1Lt.) (2nd) ..
.E.B. Scott (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
. R.S. Smith (2Lt.) (2nd) ..
.D.G. Williams (2Lt.)..
. R.A. Bethune(3Lt.) (2nd) ..
. W.J. Ferrell(1Sgt) (2nd) ..

* Company E, J.L Coker came from 9th S.C.V. after the reorganization.

Company K is also listed as the Carolina Mountaineers from Greenville with Captain S.D. Goodlett and J.A Southern.

% Company F of the 6th S.C. was called the Calhon (Calhoun) Guards. They were organized under a Col. Walker. (Later of PSS?) In April, 1861. The men in the company signed on for a one year stint in the army but were asked to re-enlist by the Governor and were reorganized (perhaps into the 9th) The men wer from Chester, Fairfield, York and a few from Lancaster Counties. They elected L.J. Gaston Captain & his brother William Gaston. The intitial members included: S.L.Williamson, Eli Dunlap, Henry Gooch, Sam Jackson, Barr Short, J.J Stringfellow, W.B Stringfellow, John Bratton, O.H. McFie, Robert Hemphill, W.H. Brawley(later Judge Brawley). Those are the only names i have from a written account passed down from my mother's family in Chester (Bill and Martha marion Stringfellow.) Their first battle was 7 Pines. In that battle Robert hemphill was killed. Judge Brawley got his arm shot off. Captain Gaston and his brother were killed. J.J. Stringfellow was wounded and out for 5 month's. (Thanks to Mike Richey, Charlotte)

(Note: The constant reorganization of the Confederate Army, meant that company designations changed frequently. These issues are common and I am very happy that you guys continue to provide information that clarifies. Company Commanders also changed frequently and often the memory rolls are not adequate to the task. For every unit designated by a number lower than 10, there are a least two major shifts in company designations. For the units in what later became Jenkins Brigade, the organization of the P.S.S in 1862, radically affected the company organization of the regiments in Virginia.)

$ Was checking out the list of the Sixth SC, and ran into what may be a discrepancy. Co A. G.L. Strait, Captain, was known as the "Catawba Guards" according to the Chester Co. Genealogical Society. The Calhoun Guards captain was J.T. Walker, according to the same source.

Co F, E.C. McClure's company was known as the "Chester Blues"

The Chester Guards are listed with an "O. Hardin" as the captain. I see you have them listed as from Darlington / Sumter Counties. The Chester Guards were primarily from Chester Co.,

Mike McGarity mimcga@InfoAve.Net

For Additional Reading:

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Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I came across a tidbit of info that may or may not help you. I live in Fairfax, County VA. While do some research on the "Hope Park Estate" near Colchester, VA I came across a website with info on a Confederate Burial Ground - 6th SC Vol. Infantry. I just found it and would like to pass it on to you, for what it is worth. The website address is (Sixth South Carolina Cemetery, Virginia) I do know that Brian Conley - a librarian at Fairfax County Library did a cemetery survey recently and he may even have further information. Looks like Co. A was in the area shortly after the First Battle of Bull Run. Hope it helps - Mary Ahrens (

Sixth S.C. Vol. Infantry, Battles and Stations
DateBattle or CityLocationCommanding OfficerBrigadeDivisionCorps
Spring/61Unit Organized .Col. C.S Winder . . .
4/12-4/14-65Fort Sumter Charleston HarborCol. C.S Winder...
12/1/61 Dransville .Lt. Col. A.J. Secrest .. General J.E.B. Stuart
7/21/61 First Manassas . Lt. Col. A.J. Secrest D.R. Jones' Brigade Hill's Divison .
4/62 Fort Magruder . Lt. Col. J.M. Steedman Anderson's Brigade Longstreet's Division Magruder's Corps
.. .. Col. Micah Jenkins Gen Richard Anderson .
5/31/62Seven Pines or Fair Oaks^ . Col. John Bratton W/C Andersonís Brigade Longstreet's Division Magruder's Corps
.. . Lt. Col. J.M. Steedman . . .
6/27/62Gaines Mill* With Jenkins Lt. Col. J.M. Steedman Anderson's Brigade Longstreet's Division Magruder's Corp
6/30/62 Frayser's Farm . Lt. Col. J.M. Steedman Anderson's Brigade Longstreet's Division Magruder's Corps
8/29-8/30-62 Second Manassas Chinn House Lt. Col. J.M. Steedman Jenkins' Brigade Kemper's Division Longstreet's Corps
9/14/62 Boonsboro . Lt. Col. J.M. Steedman Jenkins' Brigade Kemper's Divsion Longstreet's Corps
9/17/62 Sharpsburg Burnside Bridge Lt. Col. J.M. Steedman Jenkins' Brigade D.R. Jones' Division Longstreet's Corps
12/13/62 Fredericksburg Mayre Heights Col. John Bratton Jenkins' Brigade Pickett's Division Longstreet's Corps
4/10-5/3-63Suffolk, Va. (Detached Va./with Longstreet)Col. John Bratton Jenkins' Brigade French's Division Longstreet's Corps
7/1-7/3-63 Gettysburg Detached Va.. Jenkins' Brigade Pickettís Division.
10/28-10/29-63 Wauhatchie . Col. Martin Gary Brattonís BrigadeHood's DivisionFirst Corps
11/12-63Knoxville . Col. Martin Gary Brattonís BrigadeHood's DivisionFirst Corps
5/5-5/7-64 Wilderness . Col. J.M. Steedman Brattonís Brigade Field's Division First Corps
5/8-5/20-64 Spotsylvania .Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's Brigade Field's DivisionFirst Corps
5/16/64 Drewery's Bluff .Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's Brigade Field's DivisionFirst Corps
5/23-5/26-64North Anna .Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's Brigade Field's DivisionFirst Corps
6/03/64Cold Harbor.Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's BrigadeField's DivisionFirst Corps
Aug-64 Petersburg . Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's Brigade Field's Division First Corps
8/14/64 Fussell's Mill . Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's Brigade Field's Division First Corps
9/28-9/30-64Ft. Harrison/New Market Road . Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's Brigade Field's Division First Corps
10/7/64Darbytown . Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's Brigade Field's Division First Corps
10/27/64Williamsburg Rd.. Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's Brigade Field's Division First Corps
4/6/65 Farmville .Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's Brigade Field's Division First Corps
4/9/65 Appomattox . Col. J.M. Steedman Bratton's Brigade Field's Division First Corps

^ Only the Fifth S.C. and Pametto Sharpshooters are with Jenkin's at Seven Pines or Fair Oaks.

* Only the Sixth and Palmetto Sharpshooters are with Jenkins at Gaines Mill.

Sixth South Carolina Infantry Jenkins BrigadeArmy of Northern VirginiaDescription of papers and letters of Major T.W. WoodwardUniversity of South Carolina
Sixth South CarolinaJenkins BrigadeArmy of Northern Virginia Boulware Family Papers, Sixth South Carolina - till reorganization University of South Carolina
York County in the Civil War.Sixth S.C.V.Companies B & F.Roxsanne Wells-Layton has developed and maintains this great site.

Can you help, with more information, will you?
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